My DIY Pantry Makeover

DIY Pantry makeover

Tired of organizing, re-organizing, packaging, containerizing and re-containerizing your pantry?  I was, and I did all of those things – several times – over the years.  I finally bit the bullet and decided I was going to DIY a pantry makeover that *should keep things neat and organized from now on. If video is your […]

Why use grout sealer?

Why use grout sealer, sealing grout, grout sealer

Why should you use grout sealer and how do you apply it?  Today I’m sharing the how-to and why’s of applying a grout sealer to your tile floors, showers, and backsplashes. I have a love/hate relationship with my ceramic tile floors.  I love them because they are beige and hide a lot of dirt, because […]

Cordless hedge trimmer – WORX Shear & Shrub trimmer

WORX Shear and Shrub trimmer

If you like kempt hedges and shrubs, but hate lugging out a giant hedge trimmer and miles of extension cords, this WORX Shear & Shrub trimmer is a compact, portable and CORDLESS option. Summer is quickly winding down and with it, the main growing season for your shrubs and hedges.  Once the flowers have finished […]

I installed a French door!

installing a French door, single French door, French door on a home office

I let this project intimidate me for months but when I finally tried, I was amazed at how easy it is to install a French door yourself. Oh guys, oh guys, oh guys – so much has been going on over here.  Nothing overly exciting – some good things, some bad things, most fairly mundane […]

Tips for installing vinyl flooring

scoring vinyl flooring for cutting

As one of the easiest DIY’s you can do to your home, I was thrilled with the dramatic before an after in my laundry room makeover. Today I’m sharing a few tips I learned on the way. This laundry room makeover is a multi-faceted project – we’re not talking just a can of paint here… […]


Do you get tired of seeing perfect finished projects without any sign of mistakes or “unexpected features”? You won’t find that on this blog – I don’t think I’ve made a single thing in 2,000 posts that has come out absolutely perfect. Generally I share where I went wrong so that you don’t have to […]

Hiding an electrical panel

hiding an electrical panel, electric panel cover, hide a breaker box

Tired of that giant breaker panel eating up all of the visual real estate in your basement?  I was, so I decided to create a visual feature while hiding the electrical panel at the same time! This laundry room makeover is a multi-faceted project – we’re not talking just a can of paint here… This […]