Simple plant stands made from scrap wood

Simple scrap wood plant stands that require only 6 pieces of wood. These and 14 other DIY plant stand options that I’ve made over the years.

I was in my She-Shop the other day working on a plant shelf for my Aunt.

scrap wood plant shelf

You’ve seen this “Slatted plant stand for a bay window” a few months ago – but she wanted another for her friend and neighbour.  Since I had lots […]

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Refinishing hardwood floors yourself

Hardwood floors scratched, dinged, dated and looking worn?  Refinishing hardwood floors yourself is TOTALLY do-able and will save you a ton of money!  See how I DIY’d my dining room floors and saved $1,500!

I’m going to start with a sort of disclaimer here…  you can TOTALLY refinish hardwood floors yourself, but hiring a professional will undoubtedly give you a better overall finish.  Professionals just have the practice, the skills, and the expertise to do a much better job than a […]

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Re-caulking your shower

Did you know that you are “supposed” to re-caulk your shower/tub about every 5 years?  I’m not sure who set the rule and deadline – but if my shower was any indication, it seems an accurate timeline for this chore.

mildew forming in shower caulking


The close-up makes it look only slightly worse than it was, but even the pink areas are signs of mildew forming on the existing caulking.  It doesn’t get much […]

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Gorgeous DIY Wainscoting you can do in a day!

One day to create a spectacular feature wall like this DIY wainscoting (faux board & batten). Tips, tricks, video, costs, and what not to do to DIY your own.

 Oh guys!

This might be one of my favourite DIY’s of all-time!
I’ve done the faux board and batten in my bedroom – and I love it – but trimming it out and putting in the extra detailing really takes it from “gorgeous” to WOWZA!!!

I’ve done a time-lapse movie of the process (a bit […]

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How to build mudroom storage (built-ins that aren’t actually built-in!)

Do you have a mudroom that houses more than just coats and shoes?  I needed to incorporate a LOT of storage into ours, including room for a fridge, so I came up with a plan for how to build mudroom storage that looks like built-ins (but aren’t really built-in at all!)

I want to start this post by telling you what my “formal” carpentry/cabinetry training is…

Grade 8 wood shop.

Seriously.  I haven’t taken one single course outside of public school where we […]

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Under window bookshelf

Do you have windows that are too large or low to fit standard furniture pieces under? Check out this long, low under window bookshelf Chris built.

Have I ever told you that I can be a bit of a bully?

It’s true.  It doesn’t happen often – but when I want something, I want it.

Usually that entails me doing it for myself, but there are times when I want something for someone else so I pressure them into it. 

Only good things – […]

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DIY Decor – Painted Vases

Update your decor with a can of spray paint and those old vases you have sitting in the back of a cupboard somewhere.  Painted vases are the easiest, and least expensive way to add a bit of character to your space.

Hellooooo there my friends!

I am so excited today – MY COMPUTER IS WORKING!!

It has been a months-long battle with my iMac and I had resigned myself to throwing this one out (not even 2 years old) and buying a new. […]

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