Building a gate – simple, sturdy, inexpensive gate DIY

Building a gate; pretty, sturdy, inexpensive and a simple DIY project that can be done for about $100 and 2 hours of your time. I know, all I write about are my doggos anymore.  I’m sorry?  But they take up so much of my life (and heart), that the projects to protect, repair, clean and […]

Build a BIG dog crate – for multiple (big) dogs

big dog crate, triple dog crate, double dog crate, large breed dog crate

Got dogs? Got big ones? Got more than one big one?  Today I’m sharing free building plans and cut list for a BIG dog crate that will easily house 3 large dogs.  Cut layout and DIY costs included! Hey there, fellow dog lovers! Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your canine companions […]

Easy vertical garden

Easy vertical garden, bucket garden, vertical gardening, DIY vertical garden

Limited on space? Have poor soil conditions? Perhaps you have limited mobility? This easy vertical garden is the perfect solution! GUYS!  I have missed you so much! You won’t believe how the last 6 weeks have gone over here. ‍♀️. I had a part-time job and was let go because there weren’t enough hours for […]

Storing Your Kitchen Waste Bin

How to store your kitchen waste bin

Looking for a simple way to hang and store your kitchen waste bin?  Sure, you could buy the $19 Amazon hook, or you could take 10 minutes and a 4.5″ piece of scrap wood and make your own. This article is a bit niche in that not every municipality that this blog reaches, has a […]

Creating a garage workshop on a budget

Creating a garage workshop

Setting up a garage workshop can be a rewarding project, providing you with a dedicated space for DIY projects, repairs, and creative endeavours. These tips will help you create a safe, organized and functional space no matter what square footage you’re working with. My Step-Dad, while not an avid woodworker, does enjoy puttering away at […]

Make your own Christmas Village tree!

DIY Christmas Village tree

There’s something about a miniature Christmas village all lit up.  Maybe it’s a fantasy world we all dream of, maybe it’s how we imagine Christmas should be? The only problem is that as your little town grows, so does the space needed to display it all… until now. A friend recently asked if I could […]