DIY Nightstands from Rogue Engineer

With easy-to-follow building plans, these Cooper bedside tables are a simple and inexpensive route to furnishing a bedroom – check out my DIY nightstands and see for yourself!

I FINALLY have a build to share with you today!

I started these Do It Yourself (DIY) nightstands at the end of January, but with recent events, a trip to Florida and two girls with extensive dental work, they took a back-burner to more pressing items.

I got them done though!  Final coat of paint […]

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Swapping out bathroom sconces

Changing out lighting isn’t nearly as difficult as I thought.  In truth, it’s a matter of taking off the old fixture, attaching 3 wires together and then screwing the face plate into place – couldn’t be easier!

Have I ever mentioned that I hate fixing things?

I do.  I’d rather build something completely new than fix something that’s broken.  I can’t explain it other than to say that I don’t find gratification in fixing something that’s broken – or at least not […]

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Make your own DIY round lantern

Round lanterns are a nice break and contrast from the typical DIY lanterns you find online.  Today I’m showing off how I made these cuties with a scrollsaw and some scrap wood.

I saw these gorgeous lanterns on Instagram the other week and I thought they’d make an amazing gift for my SIL… unfortunately, I don’t live in Norway (this image is from a beautiful Norwegian IG feed) and I don’t know how to work with metal (yet).

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Wooden Angel Wings

Create these wooden Angel wings as a keepsake decor piece for Christmas (or all year long) to commemorate the loss of a loved one. 

Someone I love lost someone they love in 2018.  I searched and searched to try to come up with a  heartfelt gift to commemorate their loss and let them know they are in my thoughts – especially during this emotional time of year.

I found a […]

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DIY Wall Shelf with Hooks

This DIY wall shelf with hooks was made entirely from scrap wood so my only expenditure was for the hooks themselves.  You can make your own in less than an hour!

How were your Thanksgiving/Black Friday festivities?  I hope everyone had a fun family weekend?

As a general rule, I prefer to do my Holiday shopping in my pajamas online, but a friend told me about “the most amazing bra” from Lululemon.  Lulu did have an online sale, but I had to […]

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Wood Reindeer

This fun DIY reindeer head can be made from wood or cardboard and can be decorated to fit your decor.

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We went away skiing last March and rented a cabin with an old stone fireplace.  Above the fireplace was this giant moose head made entirely from grapevine and he was absolutely gorgeous.  Ever since seeing him, I have thought how pretty and whimsical a FAKE animal bust […]

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