Hot Tub Steps

Good morning my sunshiney friends!

Yes, spell check is unhappy with my adjective, but I don’t care – I am rebelling against proper English and creating my own word of the day and today it is “Sunshiney”!  (because you bring light to my life)

I’m pretty excited about today’s project for a few reasons;

  1. It was part of my no-spend July challenge and I managed to build it for almost nothing
  2. because I repurposed wood that […]
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Bath shelf / Hot tub shelf

Dreaming of a luxurious soak in your tub – bath or hot – then you need this DIY bath shelf / hot tub shelf to complete the fantasy. Room for wine, snacks, iPad or accoutrements, this $0 build keeps everything close at hand (and dry).

I made this with two uses in mind…

  1.  I wanted to be able to bring my iPad outside to watch a movie while soaking in the hot tub and
  2. I’d […]
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Lutyen’s DIY Garden Bench

DIY a statement piece for your garden with the free building plans for this DIY Lutyen’s garden bench – made with pocket holes in lieu of fancy joinery – so it’s perfect for the self-taught builder (like me!)

I like creating plans and coming up with solutions to fit my specific needs at home but there are so many fantastic plans already out there – many for free – that you really don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every build. […]

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Scrap Wood Window Box

I made this DIY window box for $0 using scrap 2″x 4″s and you can too! 

Good morning friends!

Does it bug you that I use capital letters in my titles?  I grew up learning to capitalize letters in a title, but later – while working in Marketing – I learned that the proper way to title articles was to capitalize only the first word in the title.

But that bugs me.

Like Pluto fluctuating between a moon and a planet bugs me.

Like dinosaurs […]

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Stained glass window panels

Take a couple of panels of stained glass, add a cedar frame and create art for your windows! 

Hey strangers!

Where have you been?!  It’s been so long since I’ve touched base with you – are you ignoring me?

Kidding – and with my apologies – I’ve been working hard, but certain life problems and projects have interrupted my work flow.

Take these stained glass windows I helped a friend with  back in May – they have been sitting on my photo reel waiting […]

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Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

Craving a new kitchen but a remodel or overhaul isn’t in the budget?  Join the club my friends – but check out the stunning kitchen makeover I did with just a few hours work, a Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation Kit and some stunning new hardware!  

*This post is sponsored by Rust-Oleum Canada and Liberty Hardware.  I was provided with the materials to transform my kitchen in exchange for reviewing the products.  As always, all opinions are my own and sincere.

Are you […]

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(Faux) Cement Garden Sculptures

Popping in with a quick little DIY that you can make in an hour (including drying time) that will add some whimsy and interest to your garden – check out these adorable (faux) cement garden sculptures!

I was at the dollar store the other day – picking up a ridiculous amount of chocolate – when I came across these cute, little demon bunnies.

dollar store rabbit statues

At only about 6″ tall with pink […]

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