Hey there, fellow lazy crafters and comfort enthusiasts! Are you ready to embark on the ultimate journey to coziness without even touching a needle? Buckle up because today, we’re diving into the world of making a no-sew fleece blanket! 

Crafting Magic for the Lazy Artisan:

Let’s get down to the lazy yet cozy business of making your fleece blanket. Here’s the cheat sheet:

standard blanket sizes

Supplies You’ll Need:

The lazy steps to no-sew fleece blanket heaven:

Lay those fleece pieces one on top of the other – “good” sides facing out (get them all snuggly!).

Trim the edges to make them match perfectly (or close enough, we’re all about cozy imperfections).

Now, get your scissor groove on and make fringe-like strips around the edges, about 1 inch wide and 3 inches long.

cut 1" wide by 3-4" long strips into the edge of your fleece

Finally, tie those strips together in double knots (voilà! The laziest ‘no-sew’ trick in the crafting universe).

tie knots in the double-layers of fringe

Don’t worry about the corners just yet; tie all of the fringes on one side from end to end.

Cut the 1″ x 3″ strips on the next side and repeat.

You’ll end up with really weird corners like below:

corner section of no-sew fleece blanket

Just cut out the little 3″ x 3″ weird section and you’ll be left with a perfect corner!  I’m all about the easy-cheat – especially since I’m hyping a super-simple, quick and easy, no-sew fleece blanket.

no-sew fleece blanket

You’ll find your knot blanket is kind of “bunchy” and doesn’t entirely lay flat… GREAT news about fleece: you can gently stretch it straight!


If your knots are too long for your liking, or if you have ugly selvage edges (the edge of the fabric that has bleed lines and colour runs on it), you can snip them off.  Another great thing about fleece is that it won’t fray – EVER!


selvage edge of knot blanket


no-sew fleece blanket

My girls were gifted super-warm (because of 2 layers of fleece) no-sew fleece blankets when they were toddlers and they went EVERYWHERE with us.  My youngest actually carried “blankie” around until she was around 5.  She loved the knots (one specific knot in particular) and holding it in her thumb-sucking hand when she snuggled in.  (my heart still melts at the memory ♥️)

Later, I made larger ones for the girls so that they could have one at school for nap-time.  In fact, when my oldest (now 17) saw me making this for my new baby nephew, she asked if I would make one for her to take off to University with her.  (yes, another heart-melting moment ♥️)

no-sew fleece blanket

Not sure if she meant the giraffes though?

no-sew fleece blanket

And there you have it, folks – your ticket to blanket paradise without breaking a sweat (except for the excitement-induced perspiration, of course).

No-sew blanket care:

The reason so many people LOVE these blankets – besides the fact that you can whip one out in an hour – is that fleece is fantastic as far as wear, tear, and care go.

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no-sew fleece blanket

In Cozy Conclusion:

Congratulations, you’ve just conquered the no-sew fleece blanket kingdom!  You probably spent an hour at the fabric store finding the ‘perfect’ complimentary/coordinating fleece patterns, then another knotting.   This “throw-sized” blanket came in at $25 in material, but will hopefully create a lasting treasure for our new addition.  (I’m totally going to work the favourite Aunt angle!)

Now, grab those fleece fabrics, unleash your inner lazy artisan, and dive headfirst into a world where comfort reigns supreme.

Stay cozy, stay lazy, and may your blankets be forever snuggly! ✂️