Storing Your Kitchen Waste Bin

How to store your kitchen waste bin

Looking for a simple way to hang and store your kitchen waste bin?  Sure, you could buy the $19 Amazon hook, or you could take 10 minutes and a 4.5″ piece of scrap wood and make your own. This article is a bit niche in that not every municipality that this blog reaches, has a […]

Creating a garage workshop on a budget

Creating a garage workshop

Setting up a garage workshop can be a rewarding project, providing you with a dedicated space for DIY projects, repairs, and creative endeavours. These tips will help you create a safe, organized and functional space no matter what square footage you’re working with. My Step-Dad, while not an avid woodworker, does enjoy puttering away at […]

My DIY Pantry Makeover

DIY Pantry makeover

Tired of organizing, re-organizing, packaging, containerizing and re-containerizing your pantry?  I was, and I did all of those things – several times – over the years.  I finally bit the bullet and decided I was going to DIY a pantry makeover that *should keep things neat and organized from now on. If video is your […]

How to raise your outdoor water spigot

how to raise your hose spigot, how to raise your outdoor tap

Is your water spigot too low?  Has it become buried behind bushes?  Do you need a spigot in a different part of your yard?  I came across the best solution to all of these problems; a garden hose holder WITH FAUCET!! I’ll start by showing you the dilemma that caused me to search for a […]

Tic Tac Toilet Paper Holder

Tic Tac Toilet paper holder, Tic Tac Toe, Half lap joint

Looking to practice a new building skill? This Tic Tac Toilet paper holder is fun, functional, AND a great project for learning half-lap joints!  Just above beginner level woodworking, but nothing you can’t handle! GUYS!  I won Graduate of the Year for 2022 for ALL of the career colleges in Ontario!  Talk about Gob-smacked, flattered, […]

Dollar store tea organizer

tea organizer, tea box, tea storage

Two dollar store boxes, two hinges and a pretty ribbon are all you need to make this cute and compact tea organizer. Oh my gosh, I have built SO MANY tea organizers over the years.  I’m a chai girl myself, but my Mum likes Orange Pekoe, my daughter likes green tea, if my tummy is […]

Make your own K-cup holder

K-cup storage, coffee pod storage, K-cup holder

There are so many K-cup (Keurig/coffee) pod organizers out there that there’s one for just about every need.  But none of them hold very many pods.  Today I’m showing how I whipped up this K-cup holder that holds 28 pods, but can very easily be amended to hold even more – in a very tiny […]