Central Vac Hose Reel

I wasn’t going to post this article, it’s just TOO simple. The fact that I haven’t thought of it before today certainly ranks as one of my bigger “Duh!” moments, so there’s also the embarrassment factor.

BUT, since I hadn’t thought of it in 13 years of living in our home, perhaps there are others out there that haven’t either?  Tell me I’m not alone folks, I’m not the sharpest knife the drawer, but I hate to think I’m the dullest.

Up […]

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Yoga Mat Storage / Treadmill table

I’m in the midst of a home gym makeover for my parents and in doing so I noticed that they were missing an essential piece of “equipment”…  something for yoga mat storage and/or a treadmill table.

No, they aren’t yogi’s, but they do “enjoy” walking on the treadmill or riding the stationary bike, so even without yoga mat storage they still needed a treadmill-height table to rest their drinks and sweaty towels on.  Adding rungs for barbells, foam rollers and/or yoga […]

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10+ Ways to Use a Shower Caddy

I came across this cute little shower caddy at the dollar store the other day and I couldn’t help but think about what a great (and super-inexpensive) organizing solution this little baby is.

Think I’m nuts?

Let me show you just a few – because I’m sure there are dozens more – ideas for using a dollar store shower caddy:

I’ll start in the bathroom since that is the […]

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Kitchen hacks – fresh-baked cookies anytime!

How many of you love warm, fresh-baked cookies?

Now how many of you love whipping together a batch (from scratch) every time that cookie-craving hits?

Sure you could buy pre-made cookie dough and cut it up every time you want a sweet treat


you could make your own from scratch, save lots of money, look like a ‘June Cleaver Mom’, and have dozens ready in minutes!

I know which way I’d go.

Just call me “Junie C”.

One of our favourite treats in this house is […]

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In-cupboard hair dryer holder

Are you sick of my bathroom yet?

Can you hang in there for one last post on how I organized it by making an in-cupboard hair dryer holder?

Prior to my bathroom makeover the other day, I was using a store-bought hair dryer holder that just hung over my bathroom cupboard door – and it worked perfectly – except that over time it scuffed and scratched up my cabinetry.  While painting my bathroom cabinets wasn’t a ton of work, it’s certainly […]

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Small Storage Crates

So what did you think of the bathroom makeover yesterday?  Pretty cool right?  Well, the outside of the cabinets wasn’t the only transformation I made in our master ensuite – I also upped our storage and organization game with a few small storage crates.

This came about because my Dad is obsessed with condiment trays.  He is constantly buying trays, boxes, bins and organizers to carry his ketchup, mustard and relish out to his patio – I get it…  kind […]

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Organizing the Linen Closet

Have I ever told you how susceptible I am to marketing?

It’s true, when I was in University there was an infomercial for “Breast enlargement cream” (that was waaaaay back when I stayed up past 8pm).  At that time, women aspired to Pamela Anderson’s chest size in the same way women now want a Kardashian butt.  My nickname in highschool was “two-by-four” because of my un-Pamela-like chest size, so clearly I needed/bought the miracle cream.

Didn’t work of course.  Neither did the […]

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Laundry drying rack

As a continuation of my laundry battles, dilemmas and infatuations I decided that I would build myself a laundry drying rack for those items that need to “lay flat to dry”.

I don’t wear a lot of delicates being a DIYer, but my ENJO cloths cannot be dried in the dryer, so each week I spread them out here and there to dry.  We’re talking on top of the dryer, over the back of the couches and chairs – perhaps I […]

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Laundry dresser and folding table

This is my laundry room:

Laundry room, laundry dresser, folding table, laundry basket storage, laundry room organization

Well, this is half of my laundry room, and yes, I am the only blogger in the world that does not have a laundry room with built-in cabinetry and a farmhouse sink.

Someday maybe, but for now – it’s just a laundry room.

When I create content for 100Things2Do.ca, I usually choose things to make/build that I need […]

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Scrapwood drawer organizer

Have you seen the gorgeous desk organizer that Jen Woodhouse made?

Jen Woodhouse drawer organizer, desk organizer

Absolute perfection – the bar for the greatest drawer organizer has been set, and set HIGH.

I looked into purchasing the plastic divider strips that she recommended but they were too tall to fit my shallow desk drawer.

If I wanted my desk to be this gorgeous (and organized) I would have to improvise…

I measured the depth […]

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Easy DIY Leash Holder from Scrap Wood

I’ve been puttering in the garage lately trying to come up with some simple scrap wood projects that would be both interesting to you, my readers, and useful to my family….

Did you know that there are an estimated 78 million dogs in the U.S.?  The statistics suggest that 44% of Americans own at least one dog.  (In Canada it is estimated that 35% of the population own a dog)

We have a dog – my gentle Lacey Mae – and I […]

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Small Closet Organization (on a budget)

Miss Chloë got ripped off in the closet department – but in our defence, we didn’t know we were having two kids when we built.  As it was our builder hadn’t incorporated a linen closet into our home, so we had to use part of – what later became – Chloë’s closet.

It’s a single closet, so not minuscule by any means, but certainly smaller than most closets being built in houses today.

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Make this DIY mail sorter using glue!

Hey Y’all!

(I’ve been binge-watching Nashville on Netflix)

I’ve got a great DIY for you today and it doesn’t need any nails or screws at all.

Except for hanging that is – other than that, I made my DIY mail sorter using ONLY Gorilla Glue!

I’ve swapped offices with Hubby so now his is in the basement and mine is on the main floor, but he gets a LOT of packages as part of his job, so I wanted to have someplace to tuck […]

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Home Office – Erasable Calendar

I’m in the throes of a home office makeover right now – searching for both form and function (aka. stylish, but still useful).

One thing I can’t live without is a calendar.  I have at least three going at all times; one for the kids (usually paper hanging on my front door), one for the family (electronic for birthdays and vacations) and one for work (to-date it’s been a desk pad calendar).

So when I saw this gorgeousness from Jen at […]

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