DIY Quilt rack – double hanging

A convenient and pretty way to store and display your blankets, this DIY quilt rack is made up of 3 rectangles of wood.

Remember my simple blanket rack I shared with you about a month ago?  I love it and it’s absolutely perfect for my family room, but I wanted to try a second blanket rack – a double hanging one – in case there were those of you that wanted more of a display rack than just a storage […]

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Makeup brush holder

Today I’m showing you two simple and inexpensive ways to store your makeup brushes.  Whether you DIY a scrap wood makeup brush holder, or hit your local dollar store and buy a vase and glass beads, both of these storage solutions offer form AND function in a small footprint.

I wrote a blog post waaaaay back in 2013 about how to store your makeup brushes.  I’ve been using that makeup brush holder for all these years with no mold, mildew or […]

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How to make a simple blanket rack / quilt rack

Keep your warm and cozy blankets close by, but neatly organized, by whipping up this simple blanket rack / quilt rack using just 6 pieces of wood and a few screws.

Hello my beautiful friends!

It is absolutely freezing her in SW Ontario with a -26°C windchill today.  Yes, I know you prairie-dwellers get much colder than this, but my blood hasn’t thickened to your hardiness so I am freezing my kibibis off (I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to […]

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Throw pillow storage

A simple, and free, solution to throw pillow storage and organization – recycled Amazon boxes!

Hi, my name is Shelly and I am a throw pillow addict.

Throw pillow covers to be exact.

I’ve managed to staunch the need to buy every single throw pillow I see, but have instead turned to hoarding throw pillow covers for the existing throw pillows I have.

I lesser evil financially, but one that still takes up too much space.

I was putting away the last of my Christmas […]

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How to make a super-simple belt rack

If you have more than one belt, then you need this simple belt rack in your life. One piece of wood and a coping saw are all you need.

I have the best post in the world today!

Well, the cure for cancer or the solution to world hunger would be better – but I’m pretty stoked about this super-simple idea and even happier about how well it works!!

I broke my belt hanger about a month ago; it was a plastic circle […]

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Pantry organizer for spice packets

Do you have dry mix packages cluttering up your your cupboards or pantry? This simple pantry organizer for spice packets will keep them organized.

I did a poll on Instagram recently about what content you would like to see more of on the blog.  Gratefully, the majority vote was “small builds”.  Whew!

There are some bigger builds coming this summer, but I was worried that I was letting you down with smaller projects, so it was a great relief to know I […]

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Lawnmower Storage / Snowblower Storage

Have large equipment in your garage or shed that is taking up needed space?  This simple lawnmower storage stand / snowblower storage stand puts the out-of-season tool up and out of the way creating double storage on the same footprint!!

 I can’t believe it’s only May 7th!

I have been hauling ass for the past month and my brain is telling me it must be almost June by now.  Time flies when you’re having fun (or need to meet a deadline).

I have […]

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