Holiday Entertaining and Surprise Guests

December 3rd, 2017|HOLIDAYS, PARTY IDEAS|

You know it’s going to happen…

usually when your house is at its worst, you have laundry piles on the couches waiting to be folded and there are dirty dishes in the sink…

Surprise Guests!

It’s the Season for stop-by’s and pop-by’s and “I was in the neighbourhood”, so I thought I’d share a little trick a friend taught me:

buy bars and treats from Costco or M&M Meats, cut them into squares and tuck them into your freezer.

If you suddenly find yourself in […]

Candy Bar / Candy Buffet

June 18th, 2017|GAMES / FUN, KIDS, PARTY IDEAS|

My girls have danced around the house all weekend reminding me that there are only “9 days left of school”.

At this point, actually learning anything is mute – it’s all about treat days and field trips to celebrate the end of another school year…. essentially a month-long party with a bit of math squeezed in.

Last week Madison had “Candy Day” at school.

I’m not sure why her teachers thought that jacking thirty 11 year-olds full of sugar was a good idea, […]

Personal (mini) Fire Pit

July 9th, 2016|GAMES / FUN, KIDS, PARTY IDEAS|

I love this post so much – and I can’t take credit for it at all.

Damn!  I hate sharing the glory.

My friend Leslie was showing me photographs from a party her daughter threw the other week; in them, she pointed out the mini fire pit / personal fire pits she had created for the girls so they could have a s’mores bar.

I was all over her for details on how to make one – and she one-upped me by bringing […]

Canada Day!

June 28th, 2016|PARTY IDEAS|

We’re changing things up this year!

Every year for the past 11 years Hubby has organized a Canada Day street party for our friends and neighbours.  He sends out invitations (paper and electronic), then collects money door-to-door for the fireworks.  He organizes tents and barbecues, the pot luck and drinks, and usually arranges for something for the kids – face painting, tattoos, glow bracelets and giant inflatables.  He travels to Mississauga to purchase all of the fireworks, preps the sand, fire […]

Slate Cheese Board / Slate Cheese Tray


If your backyard get togethers are more wine-and-cheese than hot dogs-and-lemonade, this project will fit the bill.  This slate cheese board / slate cheese tray was made from an old roof tile and some etching cream!


  • roof slate – can usually be found on Kijiji or Craig’s List – the more rustic, the better.
  • two handles
  • stencil of your wording and/or image
  • glass etching cream and applicator brush
  • sandpaper
  • drill and concrete drill bit
  • food-safe mineral oil (optional)

(Note – the glass etching cream […]

Don’t DIY Connect 4 Game


I’m posting this article because we did the work and because we learned a few things in doing so, and if I can save you the headaches that we found, it’s worth a few minutes of reading right?

My friend Lynn (of Plinko fame) is single-handedly providing all of the games for her school carnival.

She and I made the 4′ Plinko board last week and this week we attempted the DIY Connect 4 game – which might be […]

Three Tier Stand – for Cupcakes, Collectibles or Toys


If you’re looking to take your next party to the next level, then build a few of these easy three tier stands to showcase your goodies.

Layer them with cupcakes or jars of candies and treats.

Display your collectibles so that you can see all of them.

In our case, Madison wanted to display her toys… so these could be used for that as well.

The instructions are embarrassing – but I’ll write them down anyways.

Buy three pieces of wood:  a 2 x 8, […]

Laser Tag Party


Age 10, do you believe it?

Miss Madison is now a “tween” with all the attitude and aspirations of a full-fledged teen – and my heart breaks at the thought of yet another step out of my arms and into the world.

But if you’re going to take on the world (and have just binge-watched 6 seasons of The Walking Dead) then you know how important laser training is to her future;  aim, dexterity, tracking, hunting, night vision…

okay, how about running, laughing […]

Ladies Night – Host a “Favourite Things” Party!

March 6th, 2016|For me, PARTY IDEAS|

Looking for ideas for a fun ladies night?  Have you heard of “Favourite Things”/ “Favorite Things” parties?

I hosted one a couple of years ago with some besties and the ladies have been hounding me to do another one – so this past Friday we all got together for some wine, some munchies and a LOT of presents!

How does it work?

First you need to set a date and a budget.

A great way to coordinate groups is by using the

My baby is 9?

April 12th, 2015|KIDS, PARTY IDEAS|

I say that with a sniffle and a small tear.  You can relate right?

That tiny little bean of a human being that was once curled in fetal position inside a swaddle is growing.  No more gummy smiles, no more wobbly head, no more hiding behind Mom’s leg, no more naps in your arms – they’ve become little people with their own personalities and not much time for your opinion.

9th Birthday  - 1