These adorable and delicious candy kebabs (candy kabobs) are great for Easter treats, birthday loot bags, or classroom treats and cost less than $1 each!

I know I’ve been posting smaller projects lately, but that’s because in the background I’m working on a fairly big makeover…

my unfinished laundry room is getting built-in cabinets, one wall is getting framed up, the entire room is getting drywalled and I’ve even purchased ceiling paint and new flooring.  I’m SO EXCITED!

However, it doesn’t leave me a ton of time for other big projects, so I’ve decided to share a few everyday projects that are on a smaller scale.

Like these candy kebabs!

These are  so easy and a great treat for Easter, birthday loot bags, as a gift topper, for classroom treats, or even just to brighten someone’s day.

What to use for candy kebabs?

(candy kabobs since both spellings can be used)

I went with packages of gummy candies from the dollar store.  I’m not sure there are any rules really – as long as the candy you choose can be threaded onto a bamboo skewer relatively easily.  Shop Walmart, the bulk food store, dollar store or even the bulk section of your grocery store.  Choose candy that is “gummy” (gelatinous) or has a hole in the middle.  I for one would LOVE a skewer of lifesavers – so hard candy is not out of the question.

candy kebabs, candy kabobs, candy on a stick

What size skewer to use for candy kebabs / candy kabobs?

I picked up these natural bamboo skewers from the dollar store and they are about 10″ long.  Only about  6 ½” of the stick is covered with candy, leaving the last few inches for your hand.

I also added a jellybean to cover the top point of the skewer so that it doesn’t poke anyone, or rip through the packaging.

candy kebabs, candy kabobs, candy on a stick

How do you make candy kebabs?

It took me a few tries before I realized that wetting the skewer under the tap makes the candy gummies slide on SO MUCH easier.  You don’t have to, you can battle it out – man versus bamboo – but a tiny bit of water will definitely take the frustration out.

candy kebabs, candy kabobs, candy on a stick

I used 10-14 gummies per candy kebab.  I wanted them full, but not so tight that they were squished together.

candy kebabs, candy kabobs, candy on a stick

The sour rainbow straps I folded back on themselves to give the cute ripple effect.

I was looking for cellophane bags to wrap my candy kebab gifts in – since these will be Easter treats, these cute egg bags with twist ties were perfect.

Easter loot bags

candy kebabs, candy kabobs, candy on a stick

How long will candy kebabs / candy kabobs last?

The only problem with gummy candy is that it can dry out if not packaged up.  Likewise, bugs could land on it, or dust could accumulate.  I don’t think the candy itself will go bad or get moldy, but there are factors in the environment that will make them less than appetizing.  Wrapping your treats in cellophane will help to keep them from drying out and will extend the length of time they are edible.

candy kebabs, candy kabobs, candy on a stick

I was able to make 10 candy kebabs from $9.25 in supplies – this includes the skewers and Easter treat bags – so approximately $0.93 each.  (but I have a TON of skewers left and several bags)

Easy, inexpensive, colourful and fun – I love these!

candy kebabs, candy kabobs, candy on a stick


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Have a great one!