We’re changing things up this year!

Every year for the past 11 years Hubby has organized a Canada Day street party for our friends and neighbours.  He sends out invitations (paper and electronic), then collects money door-to-door for the fireworks.  He organizes tents and barbecues, the pot luck and drinks, and usually arranges for something for the kids – face painting, tattoos, glow bracelets and giant inflatables.  He travels to Mississauga to purchase all of the fireworks, preps the sand, fire extinguishers and the clean-up of the residue.

It’s a big success.


We shut down our street to traffic and pull out our lawn chairs and celebrate both Canada Day and our community…


it’s a lot of work.

As much as he enjoys coordinating everything, the liability issues stress him out each and every year.  “What if something catches fire?” “What if someone gets burned?” “What if there’s property damage to someone’s house or car?” (which has happened BTW)  As the convener of the event each year, it puts him in the hot seat for damages and injuries – and while Canadians don’t usually sue each other – the risk is still there.

So this year we decided to celebrate a bit differently.

Canada Day - street party invitation, pancake breakfast

This year our neighbourhood celebration of Canada Day will take place in the morning (before alcohol is typically consumed), and we’ll forego the fireworks for something truly representative of Canada – maple syrup!

Tree sap versus gun powder?  Sounds pretty Canadian to me.

We’ll still shut down the street and people will still bring out their lawn chairs, but this year Hubby will actually be able to sit and enjoy the gathering instead of worrying.

Less risk, less work, less money and just as much camaraderie and fun.

Guests are invited to bring something Canadian (if they choose) – Caesar’s, Canadian bacon, donuts, ketchup chips, beaver tails, buttertarts, nanaimo bars, salmon appetizers, wild blueberries and poutine.

Okay, poutine and ketchup chips might be pushing the breakfast theme, but you get the idea.

Thought I’d pass along this idea in case you wanted to set up a street party for Canada Day, the 4th of July or any other national holiday.

The above invitation was created in Canva.com for a whopping total of $2 in images.  I can’t provide you with the PDF or jpg file because it’s a one-time use license, but you can VERY easily create your own.

So you’re wondering why I’ve said that “Hubby” organizes everything right?  Beyond the fact that he’s our family’s main chef and enjoys a party more than most, I’ve backed away from the organizing of this one and stick to participating because while this is a community event, it tends to be run by the testosterone tribe – you know, men, meat and barbecues…

no place for dainty, delicate, feminine me.

Or that’s what I tell him anyways.

Have a great one!