Refinishing a side table – and my first circle round!!

A $10 table can look like a million bucks with just a bit of elbow grease and a hint of confidence.

Hellooooo my friends!

I have been chugging away in the background building a board and batten wall in my dining room, refinishing an old oak school chair, building a cabinet for my daughter’s guinea pigs and refinishing some bookcases that are going to be SPECTACULAR.  I’ve also been planning and plotting the rest of my dining room makeover, including refinishing my […]

Kate’s nightstand

Sometimes making over furniture isn’t about a complete overhaul and hours of work.  Sometimes it’s a single surface that needs refinishing, like Kate’s nightstand, which looks like new with very little work.

Good morning!

Countdown to the weekend is on, and I’m just popping in with a quick project – a partial makeover really – to show you how to save furniture that might otherwise be in great shape – except for a spot or two.

Actually, I’m not sure what happened to […]

Kitchen Makeovers – before and afters

A kitchen makeover is on most homeowner’s wish lists, but it’s usually a long-term goal because a complete overhaul is cost prohibitive, invasive and very, very time consuming.  Today I’m showing kitchen makeovers that can be DIY’d or hired out at a fraction of the cost and time.


Do you love seeing before and after images of the difference a bit of paint can make?

I do.

I SO do.

It gives me the feeling of fresh starts on a crisp, clean canvas, where […]

9-Drawer dresser – from boring to beautiful

This 9-drawer dresser went from boring to beautiful to out-the-door in a matter of a week.  This is a GREAT example of how you can turn your downtime into a potential money-maker!

Oh guys, oh guys, oh guys….

I hate coming on here and being frustrated, but I don’t think I can fake-write happy when I’m ripping my hair out!

I have SUCH a love/hate relationship with computers.  I love all the things they can do, but I hate that I don’t understand […]

Antique desk makeover to die for!

From seriously damaged, to seriously gorgeous, this antique desk makeover is one of my favourite before and afters of all time!

Funny story (at least I thought it was funny);

I asked my BF “if I were to go into a coma, what would be your favourite memory of me?”

Him:  “the day you went into a coma”

That’s love folks!   Oh I laughed!

Speaking of love; I LOVE today’s makeover.

Like love, adore, am thrilled with and crazy about.

I won’t go into the details […]

Industrial cart to coffee table (an awesome makeover!)

Take the character of an antique industrial cart and make it over into a beautiful and unique coffee table!

I’m so excited about this makeover – and I don’t even need another coffee table in my house! lol

I’ve been eyeballing antique industrial carts through different auctions over the past couple of years – but they inevitably go for a fortune.  Even the ones that are seriously damaged and require a LOT of love seem to go for around $300 CDN.

Since nothing […]

Tallboy dresser makeover – How to refinish furniture the right way

This tallboy dresser makeover gave me the perfect opportunity to answer some common questions I receive about refinishing furniture.  These are my tried, tested, and trusted steps for getting a perfect finish (along with the products I use and recommend).

*This post contains affiliate links to products I use and recommend.  For full Amazon affiliate disclosure, please see sidebar or bottom of the page.

One thing I get asked fairly often – outside of “Where does Jane Fonda buy her clothes […]

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