Faux zinc filing cabinet

Learn how to create your own faux zinc finish and apply it to anything from metal to wood – like this filing cabinet makeover!

Hey friends,  I apologize for being AWOL of late, but I’m just back from Blissdom – a Canadian blogging conference – where I went to learn the latest and greatest goings on in the blogging world.  I’ve got some great ideas and new projects coming up, so I think you’ll forgive me in the end.

Today I want […]

Painted Laundry Room Cabinets

Pick up some Craig’s List cabinets, freshen with a coat of paint and upgrade your laundry room (on a very small budget).

I bought these cabinets through MaxSold – a sort of online garage sale – and while they look pretty rough:

Painted laundry room cabinets, laundry room cupboards, painted cabinets, cabinet makeover

Painted laundry room cabinets, laundry room cupboards, painted cabinets, cabinet makeover

they were the […]

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Dining Table Makeover

From off-white and orange to sleek and sophisticated dark chocolate and onyx, this dining table (and chairs) makeover is swoon-worthy!

This dining table was in good condition, but didn’t scream “bachelor pad” to my client:

Dining table makeover, kitchen table makeover

Fair enough.  The stain on the dining table was a little outdated and the off-white says farmhouse more than sophistication, so he asked me if I would do a dining table makeover and […]

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The most gorgeous garden mirror you’ll ever see

A repurposed cast iron grate turned stunning garden mirror brings more light, colour and interest to your garden.

I picked up this old cast iron grate on MaxSold (like an online garage sale) months and months ago.  It might even be a remnant from last summer if I’m being honest, but I was too nervous to tackle it because I knew removing the rust was going to be a BEAST of a job.

DIY garden mirror, [...]
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Before & After – Bedroom Set Update

If you have wood furniture, of any age, updating it to fit current styles and trends is as easy as sand-stain-and go – check out this gorgeous bedroom set update.

I sometimes take commissions – projects that friends ask me to do for them – where I charge for the labour and then post the before and afters on the blog.  I don’t do it too often because I figure you guys would get tired of seeing nightstand after nightstand after […]

DIY Candle Holders

Make a gorgeous vignette of candle holders for next-to-nothing by repurposing old furniture legs. 

Remember the coffee table I was working on the other day?  Well, project two of my repurposing/upcycling adventure was to take the legs from the table and make them into these beautiful, rustic candle holders.

Did I mention that these were completely free?  Free, fun and repurposing are three of my favourite things!

I got my destruction on by dismantling the worn out coffee table.

My FREE Family Command Centre

You don’t have to spend mucho-buckos to create a family command centre, in fact, our family command centre came in at a whopping $0!  Here’s how you can do it too!

I was futzing in the garage the other day and debating whether to refinish this free coffee table that a friend had dropped off.

Worn out coffee table, damaged coffee table, old side table

The colour was dated and the finish was pretty […]

Classic Kids Wagon

How many of you had a classic kids wagon when you were small?  Maybe a Radio Flyer metal deck one or a wood deck wagon with removable gates on the sides.  If you’re a Mom now, then you are likely to have, or have had, a more current version like a Little Tykes plastic wagon or something like it?

The girls grandparents bought them this fantastic classic kids wagon when they were small, and it is the one ‘baby item’ we […]

Boring brown to bright white nightstands

These were our boring brown nightstands before I built our PB knock-off ones.  They are about 15 years old (we bought a bedroom set when we got married) and they are decent quality, but they have a few scuffs here and there.  (They are particularly dusty because they’ve sat in my She-Shop for months)

Boring brown to bright white nightstands, nightstand makeover, bedside table makeover, white nightstand, white bedside table, furniture refinishing, painted [...]
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The Ginormous Bird Feeder

Recently, a friend brought me an enormous bird feeder and asked if I could repair it.  We’re talking a  feeder that would cost hundreds of dollars to buy – if you could even find one for sale.  To say I was a bit nervous about ruining her Mother’s treasured piece was an understatement.

Birdhouse makeover, bird feeder, giant bird feeder, ornate bird feeder, bird feeder repairs, bird feeder makeover

You can see how […]

Before & After – Lego Table

This Lego table / Lego storage project took a long time.

Normally, I would have whipped out a nightstand in a day or two, but this one was well over a week – mostly because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it.

This […]

Lingerie chest makeover

This is a tiny little dresser – about 18″ wide and only about 12″ deep.  I guess it would be called a lingerie dresser or lingerie chest?

Lingerie chest, Lingerie dresser, painted lingerie dresser, small dresser, panty dresser, bra dresser

A “disaster dresser” to begin with.
Look at the destroyed […]

Headboard Makeover

*I was provided with Rust-Oleum Varathane® Triple Thick One Coat Clear Finish for this project.

Who says you need to buy new furniture to get a new look?

You know you won’t find that claim on this blog – in fact, I re-did my master bedroom using mainly builds, upcycleds and refinished pieces – like this headboard makeover for example.

This is the bedroom furniture we bought with wedding money 14 years ago.

This photo […]

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Modsy-Inspired Dresser Makeover

*This post contains affiliate links and sponsored product.

If you’ve followed along, you’ll know that I’ve been working with some Modsy designs to makeover my master bedroom.  Part of that makeover included new furniture – or rather, “new to me” furniture.

This Modsy rendering shows the Sausalito extra-wide dresser from Pottery Barn:

Affordable interior design, online interior design, master bedroom makeover, grey master bedroom, gray master bedroom, master bedroom and Modsy

It’s gorgeous, […]

Entryway Table – build and refinish in one

How were your Holidays?

Did you take time to enjoy the fruits of your labour?

My Christmas was wonderful.

Actually, I caught a pretty decent cold and have been sick for about a week now – but sometimes being sick is exactly what you need in order to slow down, snuggle in and relax.

I devoured a book cuddled under blankets with hot tea by my side.  Hubby cooked the Holiday meal and the kids (who had just gotten over the cold) were happy […]

Who doesn’t need a cutting board?

Good morning friends!

I’m sorry for being AWOL as of late – our family took a belated vacation, which I’ll share more about in another post – but for today I want to show you a project I’m quite pleased with: my new cutting board!

A friend (thank you Sherri) gave me an off-cut of an Ikea Hammarp countertop that was leftover from a kitchen remodel she’d done.

Cutting board, Ikea Hammarp counter, cutting boards

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Refinished Liquor Cabinet

I worked on a commissioned piece this week – a very ornate liquor cabinet that the owner wanted toned down a bit:

Liquor cabinet, ornate cabinet, liquor cabinet makeover, refinished liquor cabinet, black cabinet, Tracey

I can’t help it, but as I was looking at the photos all I could think was;

A little bit of silver in my life,

A little bit of gold by its side.

A little bit of beige in the sun,

A […]

Kari’s Cabinets Re-invented – Painted Entertainment Center

Remember I wrote how I’ve been a painting phenom of late?

One of the (many) projects that was included in the malay of pieces that needed refinishing was a ginormous entertainment unit that belonged to my friend Kari.

I only have one before photo to show off, and it isn’t of the entire unit (sorry about that) – but you’ll get the idea of what I was working with:

Painted entertainment centre, refinished entertainment centre, painted entertainment [...]
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