T-Shirt Pillow Covers


So the other day you saw my throw pillow collection, or at least part of it.  Well, the other side of that problem is my throw pillow cover collection.

At roughly $30 per throw pillow, keeping up with Seasonal themes can get really expensive!  But I purposely painted my house grey so that I could inject a shot of just about any colour at any time to keep things fresh and lively… so I created my middle ground.

Easy-sew throw pillow covers.

My previous […]

Refinished Antique Secretary Desk

December 14th, 2016|REFINISH/REPURPOSE|

I was commissioned to refinish this antique secretary desk:

Antique secretary desk, refinished secretary, refinishing antiques, before & after secretary

I don’t know how old this piece is – certainly not an antique by European standards – but definitely an antique secretary in North America.

Antique secretary desk, refinished secretary, refinishing antiques, before & after secretary

But it was in need of a little […]

DIY Mercury Glass


Do you love the look of mercury glass?   Me too!

Do you love the price tag on mercury glass?  Me double-too.

So when Rust-Oleum® Canada offered to send me the supplies to create my own DIY mercury glass, I jumped at the chance – I mean, if this worked out I could save MILLIONS (or at least a hundred or two) and still outfit my Holiday decor with some shiny goodness.

I received a detailed tutorial by Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, who […]

Oak Dresser Makeover


I have another dresser makeover to share!

This one is a yellow oak, and part of a two-piece set, so you’ll be seeing the finished combo once I have them both delivered (and ahem- staged).

This dresser is about 24 years old;  I know, not ancient or antique, but a quality wood piece that the owner (Kari) wanted to keep for both nostalgia and longevity.

She just didn’t want to keep it in this state:

dresser makeover, oak [...]
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Coffee Table with Storage


When the girls were younger (pre-iPad younger) we had toys everywhere.

There wasn’t a surface that didn’t have something of theirs on it, and the house was in a constant state of ‘post-tornado’.

My Dad was looking to get us a Christmas gift one year and I begged him to buy us a coffee table with storage in it so I could quickly hide away some of the mess should someone stop by.

He did, and this baby saw a LOT of use:

Pine Table Makeover


Are you sick of makeovers?

Of course not!

Everyone wants to see trash turned into treasure right?  It inspires us as to what is possible – even on a small budget.

I wouldn’t say this pine table/desk was trash exactly:

table makeover, refinished table, painted table, desk makeover, painted desk, refinished desk, pine table , gray table, grey table

but it had a few nicks and dents here and there that needed a little TLC.

Oak Cabinet Makeover


How was your weekend?

We had AMAZING weather here all weekend – which is strange because last week we saw frost in the mornings.  This global warming thing is playing havoc with our seasons (but this weekend it was to our advantage).

I spent almost every minute of the last three days in my workshop (aka the garage), working on projects for clients and friends.

One of which was this oak cabinet:

Cabinet makeover, sideboard makeover, painting oak [...]
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A Bedside Table for Madison

September 23rd, 2016|REFINISH/REPURPOSE|

I picked up this bedside table on Sunday afternoon around 1pm and by Monday at 3pm it was complete!  I love when projects can be whipped out like that – gives me a great sense of accomplishment.

Wanna see the before shot?

Two-tone bedside table, nightstand makeover, refinished nightstand

This was a $20 find on Kijiji, and while I had considered (attempting) to build a nightstand for Madison, I felt fairly confident I couldn’t […]

Office Chair Makeover

August 10th, 2016|REFINISH/REPURPOSE|

I’m going to miss Summer.  Despite the crazy heat and humidity there hasn’t been a single day when I haven’t been outside puttering over something or another.

Building, refinishing, sorta-gardening, watering, swimming – it’s been fantastic!

You, on the other hand, will probably be glad to see me back indoors in late Fall so you won’t have to witness anymore refinished pieces (like today’s office chair makeover).  My neighbours will probably be grateful for the silence from the sander and saws, not […]

Shelf Makeover

August 9th, 2016|REFINISH/REPURPOSE|

Just a quick pop-in today to show you a smaller refinishing project I managed to squeeze in last week.

This shelf was another curb-find and it was in ROUGH shape:

Shelf makeover, white shelf, desk shelf, shelf above desk

No big gouges, but it looks as though it was tucked away in some deep, dark basement for years and then I had it stuffed into my over-crowded garage for another 6 months, so it […]