Do you decorate your bedroom for the Holidays? I do, and there’s nothing I love more than falling asleep to twinkle lights in a Christmas bedroom.

I was a bit hesitant to post my Christmas bedroom; not because I don’t love it (I SO DO!), but because my bedding and decor aren’t as fancy as interior design bloggers’.

I didn’t iron the wrinkles out of my bedding. In fact, my duvet cover is two flat flannel sheets that I sewed together because “real” flannel duvet covers are crazy-expensive.

I posted on Instagram to see if there was any interest in a less-than-perfectly styled Christmas bedroom and you, my sweet friends, came back with a resounding yes!  Thank you – I really did want to show it off. 

I decorate my bedroom every Christmas.  I love sleeping with the tree lights glowing; it brings me such a sense of contentment.  There was an added bonus this year in that I was scrounging through our furnace room (where I stockpile ornaments etc) and I found 7 trees!!  Two large and 5 small “porch” trees.


I don’t even remember buying all of these trees to be honest – none were new – so I’ve accumulated them sometime over the years?

Regardless – it meant I could put a full-sized tree in my bedroom!!

White Christmas tree

My main-floor Christmas tree is burgundy, pink and gold – with lots of glitter.  Upstairs I wanted something more understated – so I added a few pieces of white ribbon and white ornaments.  Interspersed – although you can’t see them well here – are my Swarovski ornaments that my Mom has bought me every year.

white ribbon on Christmas tree

Swarovski ornament

white Christmas tree, bedroom Christmas tree

I wrapped the base of the tree with a faux-fur blanket and done!

The tree is near the base of my bed so I can see the glow all night long.

Christmas bedroom 2020, decorating the bedroom for Christmas

Christmas tree in the bedroom

I didn’t put a ton of effort into the rest of my Christmas bedroom;

I set out my favourite metal reindeer on each nightstand.

metal reindeer

with a few candles and a faux pine branch just laying there.

Christmas nightstand

I strung an inexpensive garland along my headboard and filled it out with some other (fake) greens and decorative picks.

Real greens would have been spectacular, but they dry out so quickly so branches would continually dry and fall into your bed.  

Beautiful to look at, but not-so-wonderful to sleep with.

Christmas bedroom 2020, decorating the bedroom for Christmas

I didn’t string any additional lights anywhere in my Christmas bedroom – mainly because the tree is so bright I really didn’t need anymore or it would be like sleeping on the sun. lol

Christmas bedroom 2020, decorating the bedroom for Christmas

Sorry, un-ironed bedding.  Wrinkled, in fact, because I slept in them before photographing. lol

Real world over here folks.  

Well, except for the folded laundry I hid away (but didn’t put away.)

Christmas pillow

I love this lumbar pillow I picked up a few years ago at HomeSense.  The red doesn’t really match anything else in this year’s Christmas bedroom, but I love it and so I don’t care.

Christmas bedroom 2020, decorating the bedroom for Christmas

That’s it – my Christmas bedroom in all it’s glory…

No!  Wait!

You need to see what I see when I go to bed each night:

Christmas bedroom 2020, decorating the bedroom for Christmas

Pretty heavenly eh?

Have a great one!