An unusual colour scheme for me, my Christmas tree 2020 is full of sparkle, shine and all of the twinkling dreams of the Season.

My Christmas tree 2020 started out in January of this year….  

you see, I am a sucker for Christmas, and an even bigger sucker for a deal – so I picked up a set of 100 burgundy ornaments after last Christmas and have been storing them just waiting for this year’s tree.

burgundy, pink and gold Christmas tree

The package held burgundy and white ornaments (I’ll show you where I used the white ones later), but I needed something a bit brighter in colour to fill out the tree – so I went with a champagne pink and some soft golds – totally based on the ribbons I chose, not because I have any kind of designer style lol.

Christmas tree 2020, Christmas family room

I have to tell you, I am always in awe of bloggers like Craftberrybush, KelleyNan and LilypadCottage for their effortless style and (seemingly) endless budget.

I have neither, and while I want to have magazine-worthy images and a home filled with fresh greenery, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it for a few photos (much as I love each and every one of you).  This year in particular it seemed frivolous to indulge when so many of us (myself included) aren’t working and when it seems likely that no one except the people that live in your home will ever see your decor.

So I guess I apologize for not taking my Holiday decorating further, but I also hope you’ll agree that sometimes real life images are more inspiring (because they are attainable) for our real world.

My Christmas mantle was made up with inexpensive (cheap) pine garland that I bring out every year, and a few faux branches tucked in to fill it out a bit.

Someday I’ll invest in an expensive and lush garland – cut greens don’t last long indoors – but for now a few ornaments and some stockings interspersed made it look more full and it frames the fire perfectly.

Christmas mantle

This is a Father Christmas figure I picked up at a Craft show years ago.  I love him for his whimsical face and traditional clothing, but especially because he isn’t your typical “Santa”.

Father Christmas figurine

The other side of the mantle has a couple more mercury glass trees to balance things out.

mercury glass trees

I didn’t do too much to the built-ins in the family room; some white snowmen and a reindeer filled the space without being too much.

Christmas tree 2020, Christmas family room

I brought my Christmas lanterns in and placed them in a few spots around the tree and by the fireplace.

I’ll have to take them back out to the front porch before too long because the greens will die inside, but I’ll enjoy them for a couple of days anyways.

Christmas lantern

Another thing that bothered me (that really shouldn’t have) was the fact that my wrapping paper didn’t coordinate perfectly with my Christmas tree 2020 colours.  I did look for burgundy and/or pink gift wrap – but I have dozens of rolls of Christmas paper that I won at an auction this past summer so I decided to forego the perfect photo and be responsible.

Christmas lantern and gifts under the tree

Christmas tree 2020, Christmas family room

I filled a tray with battery-operated candles, a couple of sprigs of pine and a few leftover ornaments to create a simple coffee table vignette.

The tree is so bright, that I thought I need to bring some “twinkle” to the other side of the room as well.

Christmas tree 2020, Christmas family room

Between my family room and kitchen we have the girls desks for school work and a small sofa table to divide up the rooms.  I set out my Christmas village along the sofa table so they can be admired from either side of the space.

White Christmas village

White Christmas village on sofa table

Christmas tree 2020, Christmas family room

It is so cozy and welcoming – I couldn’t be more pleased with how my main floor Christmas came out.

Christmas tree 2020, Christmas family room

I’m so crazy about Christmas – or the month leading up to it anyways – twinkling lights, cozy blankets, friends, family and that feeling of love and contentment that only the Holidays can bring.

Christmas Day is a shit-show of gifts and mess.

But these moments are what make the Holidays my favourite time of year.

Christmas tree 2020, Christmas family room

For more Christmas tree ideas and colour schemes check out my previous years’

The white ornaments?

Oh yeah!  I’ll show you those when I reveal my Christmas bedroom (coming soon!)

Have a great one!



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