Tic Tac Toilet paper holder, Tic Tac Toe, Half lap joint

Tic Tac Toilet Paper Holder

Looking to practice a new building skill? This Tic Tac Toilet paper holder is fun, functional, AND a great project for learning half-lap joints!  Just above beginner level woodworking, but nothing you can’t handle! GUYS!  I won Graduate of the

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DIYer's Guide to Sanders

How to choose a sander

So you’re looking to start refinishing furniture, or perhaps even start DIYing a few small builds and are wondering what sander does what?  I did too, but after a bit of research I’ve put together this list for “How to

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cheap floral arrangements, small floral arrangements, teacup bouquet, teacup bouquets, inexpensive floral arrangement

(Cheap) floral arrangements – teacup bouquets

Flowers can be expensive and they don’t last very long, so indulging in arrangements isn’t something I tend to do. Until now that is; teacup bouquets are inexpensive/cheap floral arrangements that you can make at home with grocery store (or

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large wood tray, ottoman tray

Beginner build: Wood Ottoman Tray

Can you ever go wrong with trays?  Food trays, decorative trays, patio trays, plant trays… and today I’m sharing this oversized ottoman tray.  This is a repost of a build – one of my earliest – from 2016.   This

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