You’ve heard of Zentangle right?  It’s essentially doodling, but in structured patterns.  No talent, no skill, no end goal in mind – just lines, swirls, shapes, swoops and fun.

Granted, there are zentangle artists out there that take it to a whole other level with incredible pieces of art that are nothing short of masterpieces – but you won’t find that here, today, on the blog.

Today I just wanted to show how easy, fun and gratifying it is to zentangle (aka doodle) on an object that you can keep and display….

like dollar store plates:

Sorry about the music – there are limited options that aren’t copy written.

It’s SO easy to create your own zentangle plates!  Chloë joined me and had fun creating her own gold yin and yang style zentangle.  This project doesn’t take very long, so it was perfect for her limited attention span.

Don’t like what you’ve created?  Wash it all off (before it sets) and start again.

Zentangle plates, sharpie dishes, Sharpie plates, drawing on dishes, Sharpie oil markers, zentangle

I’ve read that you can do this with regular Sharpie markers if you bake it on afterwards – I haven’t had luck doing this, so I don’t recommend it.

Even the oil marker Sharpies washed off pretty easily before I baked them in the oven (set plates in a cool oven and let it heat up to 425°C – then bake for 25 minutes after reaching full temperature.  Leave the plates in the oven to completely cool).

I haven’t run my plates through the dishwasher yet, but I’m not too worried – whatever comes off can be zentangled back on in a new pattern or shape.

Zentangle plates, sharpie dishes, Sharpie plates, drawing on dishes, Sharpie oil markers, zentangle

The Sharpie oil markers are around $9 per and the plates were $1.25 each, so no matter what the outcome, it’s not a terribly expensive craft.

I do need to warn you though, baking the zentangle plates is very, very smelly.  I’d only suggest doing it on a day when you can open the windows so that you don’t stink up your entire house.

I’m not sure that these would be food-safe either?  Ours will hold cupcakes or cookies – nothing that will sit on and absorb any of the paint.

Get a marker and go have fun!

Have a great one!


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