Did you get planting over the long weekend?

Did you get your planters styled and veggies dug in?

Now all you need is something bright and cheerful to mark what’s where right?

I gotcha!

How about some (free) paint stick garden markers?

Easy-peasy and bright and cheerful.

First, steal obtain some paint sticks from your hardware or paint store.  I’m kidding about the stealing, they usually let you have as many as you want.

Paint on a coat of outdoor paint – any leftover colour – and let dry completely.

DIY Garden Markers from paint sticks

Next, apply adhesive vinyl stickers to each paint stick.  These can be images of the fruits or veggies, or the letters to spell the word.  Don’t worry if you don’t have a cutting machine – the dollar store carries all kinds of alphabet stickers that will work just as well.

Once the stickers are adhered nice and tight, go over them very lightly with the same colour paint that you used underneath – this will keep your edges nice and crisp and will stop any of the next coat of paint from bleeding underneath.

Pick an alternate (again, ideally leftover paint) colour, and paint over the entire stick – front, back and all edges so to keep water from seeping into the wood.  I used two coats on mine.

DIY Garden Markers from paint sticks

While the paint is still wet, carefully peel off your stickers/letters/vinyl with tweezers.

Look at that – clean, crisp lettering!

DIY Garden Markers from paint sticks

Once your DIY garden markers are completely dry, you are ready to tuck them into your garden.

DIY Garden Markers from paint sticks

These will only last one season because the moisture in the soil will eventually rot the wood – but that just gives you an opportunity to make a different set next year!

DIY Garden Markers from paint sticks

If you’re planting from seeds, this might be the only green you see for awhile.

DIY Garden Markers from paint sticks

Because I’m not really veggie-literate, these DIY garden markers will help me to NOT pluck out new sprouts (they all look like weeds to me?) My garden will either be perfectly planted and will produce a banner crop, or I will have carefully tended a spectacular crop of weeds.


DIY Garden Markers from paint sticks

Have a great one!



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