Fairy Door – Invite a Fairy into your home.

A few years ago, when I started this blog, I showed you our fairy door.

Fairy door, Gnome home, elf door

(Forgive the gruesome finger – workplace accident.)

Since our Fairy – Ruby – first moved in, her home has been a source of entertainment and imagination for the girls and their friends.

Maddie, now 10, is somewhat past the fairy stage, but Miss Chloë still asks if we’ve seen Ruby around.

Because of these inquiries, I thought I’d revisit our fairy door and see what the little pixie has been up to…

She had her entry all decorated for the Holidays – complete with a wreath hanging from her door knocker and a little package of presents to deliver.

Fairy door, Gnome home, elf door

She’s also  been getting her gardens ready for Spring; perhaps a bit early, but then she’s a Fairy – maybe she knows something we don’t?

Fairy door, Gnome home, elf door

Aren’t those gardening tools adorable?  And that hat!  Just the right size for my thumb.

Fairy door, Gnome home, elf door

Fairy door, Gnome home, elf door

Her front door and trim were repainted with our foyer makeover, and now that I see things up-close, I will admit I should have done a better job… but it is only 6″ tall.

Fairy door, Gnome home, elf door

Ruby also has a summer patio set that she invites friends over to visit – complete with little lemonade cups.

Fairy door, Gnome home, elf door

Who says fairies only live in the garden?!

Don’t worry if you have a little boy who might not appreciate the magic of fairies – you could always call it a Gnome Home or Elf Den.

Time to invite a fairy into your home?  Why not start with a fairy door and see if any move in?

(This really is a ton of fun for adults too – I’m dying over that lemonade set!)

Fairy door, Gnome home, elf doorHave a great one!


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