If you’re looking to take your next party to the next level, then build a few of these easy three tier stands to showcase your goodies.

Layer them with cupcakes or jars of candies and treats.

Display your collectibles so that you can see all of them.

In our case, Madison wanted to display her toys… so these could be used for that as well.

The instructions are embarrassing – but I’ll write them down anyways.

Buy three pieces of wood:  a 2 x 8, a 2×6 and a 2 x 4.  If you want a fourth tier, buy a 2×2 as well.

Cut them to the length of the space you want to fit.

Three tier stand - easy DIY

Lay one board on top of the other, lining them up along the back edge and screw/nail them together.

I used two 3″ wood screws in the top and then added a third one up from the bottom – just to be sure my three tier stand wasn’t going to budge.

Sand, paint and you’re done!

Three tier stand - easy DIY

If you make larger cupcakes, you could change out your boards for 2 x 10, 2 x 6 and 2 x 2 and that would give each layer an approximate 4″ lip to set your treats on.

Three tier stand - easy DIY

That’s all there is to it!

It’s pretty impactful when you consider that all of these LPS toys were sitting flat on a shelf prior to, and now you can actually see each and every one.

Three tier stand - easy DIY

If you’re thinking of building this three tier stand to showcase treats, consider building three smaller ones (shorter in length I mean) and then showcasing them with one facing forward and the other two on the sides.

Three tier stand - easy DIY

Three tier stand - easy DIY

These will work for Thomas trains, Star Wars figurines, Tsum Tsums, and even larger dolls like the Monster High series.

I made these, and had the first coat of paint on them in less than 30 minutes.

Three tier stand - easy DIY

Have a great one!

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