Create a warm, welcoming, beautiful and FREE fall floral arrangement using ornamental grasses.

It’s all about alliteration today!

Alliteration and a FREE Fall floral arrangement you can make at home! 

Which is also awesome.  So you see, everything in the title is accurate. lol

Have you seen these weeds by the side of the highway or rural roads?


They are called phragmites and they are an invasive species in Ontario.  I premise the article with this so that you don’t go and plant any of these in your yard, or spill seeds anywhere (it’s against the law).

Invasive Phragmites (European Common Reed) is an invasive plant causing damage to Ontario’s biodiversity, wetlands and beaches. Invasive Phragmites is a perennial grass that has been damaging ecosystems in Ontario for decades. It is not clear how it was transported to North America from its native home in Eurasia.

Invasive Phragmites is an aggressive plant that spreads quickly and out-competes native species for water and nutrients. It releases toxins from its roots into the soil to hinder the growth of and kill surrounding plants. While it prefers areas of standing water, its roots can grow to extreme lengths, allowing it to survive in relatively dry areas.


Having written that full disclosure, when they go to seed they are SO PRETTY!!


The seed heads are full and drooping and absolutely perfect for a free fall floral arrangement!

Free fall floral arrangement, autumn arrangement

They are easily picked by just bending the stem back and forth and it will crack off easily. You don’t have to keep a pair of scissors in the car in case you come across them.

You should probably have a garbage or grocery bag though – you really don’t want to give the seeds any chance to escape and propagate anywhere else.

Free fall floral arrangement, autumn arrangement

I picked the seed heads from another ornamental grass (on my parent’s property) and tucked all of the branches into tall vases to flank my mantle.

Free fall floral arrangement, autumn arrangement

In thinking about it now, I wonder if I should spray them with a coating of hairspray to keep the seeds from eventually falling?

Regardless, these awesome Autumn arrangements cost a grand total of $0 and are so warm and welcoming for Fall.

Free fall floral arrangement, autumn arrangement

If you have seasonal allergies, then these might not work for your home, but I’ve had them up for 3 days now and no seeds have fallen – I’m pretty sure these will last for weeks since they are already dried out.

Free fall floral arrangement, autumn arrangement

Free fall floral arrangement, autumn arrangement

Easy, free and beautiful!

Free fall florals / Awesome Autumn arrangement…

there’s no other way to put it?

Purge pesky phragmites?

Whatever – go  pick some, keep the seed stems inside a bag until you bring them in the house, then bag them in the garbage when they are finished (don’t compost).

Have a great one!


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