Popping in to share a couple of AWESOME Christmas finds with you guys;  a gorgeous faux eucalyptus garland and some fake pine and cedar branches… everything you need to take your Christmas mantle from “Meh” to “WOW!”

If you decorate with real greens in your Holiday home, then you really should consider the faux Christmas greens below as an option.  I’ve used real, and they are beautiful and smell fantastic – but they are messy and need spritzing, which leaves water marks on the floors.  For the cost of a decent bunch of real stems, I’m going to show you some faux Christmas greens that will leave everyone guessing (and save you money year over year).

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links to the items I purchased.  This is not a sponsored post.

I shared these the other week on my Instagram stories and I very quickly received requests for the links as to where I purchased them.

Fair enough, with shipping delays expected to hold things up in transit up to 30% longer, NOW is the time you want to get your decor ordered and on its way.

First up is this gorgeous 6 ½’ faux eucalyptus garland:

faux eucalyptus, eucalyptus garland, silk eucalyptus

It was a bit more expensive than some of the others on Amazon, but it’s clear why;  the graduated shading on the leaves and seeds, the different coloured stems from stalk to new growth and the overall fullness of the garland are just perfection.  At ~$60 CDN, it is still MILES less expensive than any real garland you can find.

faux eucalyptus, eucalyptus garland, silk eucalyptus

This is the nicest faux eucalyptus garland I have seen anywhere.

I could decorate my Christmas mantle with just one rope alone and it is stunning.

faux eucalyptus, eucalyptus garland, silk eucalyptus

faux eucalyptus, eucalyptus garland, silk eucalyptus

I did have a vision in mind for my fireplace mantle and staircase bannisters though, and it included a bit of extra fullness with cedar and pine branches intertwined in with the eucalyptus.

To that end, I also picked up some ‘decent’ faux pine branches:

faux pine branches

They aren’t spectacular, but they do come in larger quantities so you can buy one package and “fluff” your eucalyptus garland with plenty to spare.

Another faux Christmas green I was REALLY impressed with were these artificial cedar picks:

faux cedar, faux Christmas greens

Again, the shading, the stem, the overall fullness – these are stand out faux greens and well worth the money because you’ll be using them year after year.

I like to tuck branches of both the pine and cedar interspersed with the eucalyptus and just held in place with a bit of floral wire.

faux Christmas greens, faux Christmas garland

Make the artificial cedar picks droop and pull branches of the eucalyptus through to create balance throughout your garland.

faux Christmas greens, faux Christmas garland

Again, the faux eucalyptus would have been plenty, but I think you can see how tucking a few artificial Christmas greens in with it really makes it …  “more”.

faux Christmas greens, faux Christmas garland

You can see in my DIY Dough Bowl post how I used these same artificial Christmas greens (the cedar and pine) to create a beautiful vignette around the candle.  These can be tucked anywhere – on your tree, in trays, in plants, on shelves…

I will tell you that it took about 3 weeks for all three of my faux Christmas greens to come in – so again, if you are thinking of going this way, you really need to order asap in order to. make pre-Christmas delivery times.

faux Christmas greens, faux Christmas garland

I know, I know – we haven’t even had Hallowe’en yet…

just trying to give you a heads up.

faux Christmas greens, faux Christmas garland

Just wanted to share a good thing in enough time for you to be able to enjoy it too.

Have a great one!