Do you struggle to get dressed each day?  Do you lack imagination to put outfits together from the overwhelming mass that stares back from your closet? I decided to try XZ (Closet) – a free app – that took everything in my closet and put it together in stylish ways I’d never come up with.

There is a fairly solid chance that I’d be a finalist in any program or game show that challenges to find the worst-dressed people.

It’s not that I want to be the worst dressed… I just have no imagination when it comes to putting pieces of clothing together, so I opt for lazy go-to’s.

Years ago now, I was the writer behind a blog called “Daily Glam” – I worked with stylists that put together outfit options based on your body type.  Don’t worry, I wasn’t part of the styling team, I was simply the WordPress author that pieced the information and images together after they’d been designed.  The site has been shut down, but if you want to see some of the outfit suggestions, I’ve saved them to this Daily Glam Pinterest board.

Every day I woke up to a new outfit suggestion in my inbox, and every day that I followed the stylist advice, I got SO MANY compliments.

Shock really, but kindly covered with compliments.

I miss that program SO MUCH.

In an effort to find something similar, I scoured the internet looking for stylist advice without subscription fees or clothing purchase costs – and let me tell you there weren’t many options.

I did however, chance across an app out of Japan called XZ (Closet).

Now before you close the page, hear me out – you don’t have to dress in a foreign style, purchase foreign items, or have a perfect (usually tiny) Asian body.  This app takes clothing you already have in your closet, and puts together outfits for you!!!

How XZ (Closet) works

You upload images of clothing you ALREADY HAVE.  So lay your jeans out on the carpet and take a photo with your iPhone right in the app itself, grab a photo from your photo library, or fetch an image right from the online store.  All of these options are within the app itself so there’s no need to save, download, copy or paste.

For instance; I bought a few new things in Spring from my fashion source – Old Navy. 😂

I clicked on “Fetch from web page”, typed in Old Navy, and found the exact tops that I’d purchased.  Click on the image you like and it will be uploaded to your “closet”.

XZ (Closet)

There are ways to crop your images, remove backgrounds, resize etc – depending on how fancy you want your outfits to look when they are delivered to you.

Better still, there are several ways to sort the items, with just a click in a tic-box in the XZ (Closet) app.  Sort items by season, by pattern, by occasion, whatever floats your boat.

Trust me, if anything takes more than about 3 clicks to complete, I lose interest – but this is SO EASY.

XZ (Closet), capsule wardrobe, getting dressed

Okay, so you’ve filled your online closet with pants, dresses, shirts and sorted to casual, professional, seasonal or even by pattern now what?


The XZ (Closet) app will email you different combinations of the items you’ve input BY WEATHER!  Yup, on May 23rd it was a cool but sunny day and the XZ app sent me an email with these outfit suggestions.

XZ (Closet), capsule wardrobe, getting dressed

Always cold?  There’s a gauge at the bottom where you can click a dot to have it send you warmer or cooler options for the day.

Did I mention all of this is free?  I’m not selling you a thing here folks.

If you like/love an outfit combination that was sent to you, you can save it for future reference:

XZ (Closet), capsule wardrobe, getting dressed

I know, I’m not a fashionista clothing-wise, but by myself I would have only come up with two of the above options.

But what if today you’re in the office, or need a more professional look?  Click on “conservatory/elegant” for different options. (Yes, there are a few translation glitches, but they are easily understood and overlooked).

XZ (Closet), capsule wardrobe, getting dressed

What if you want to add items to your wardrobe to flesh it out a bit?  XZ (Closet) also sends you outfit suggestions with extra options like jewellery, handbags, sweaters, jackets etc. indicated with a “New” tag.

XZ (Closet), capsule wardrobe, getting dressed

Great idea!  I have the shirt, sweater and pants, but yes – these shoes would make it look more professional than my ballet flats or converse.

I have the black blouse and pants below, but adding that trench coat would allow me to get another season out of those pieces.  Not sold on the shoes, but then who am I to judge fashion.

XZ (Closet), capsule wardrobe, getting dressed

I haven’t purchased anything through the app itself, but I do take the advice and look for similar items on Amazon or at the mall.

If you are curious to see what other people are wearing, you can click on any of the sub-categories that you’ve selected on input – in this case, “Conservatory/Elegant” again, and it will show you hundreds of outfit options that others have uploaded into their virtual closets.

None of these are mine and I don’t own any of those pieces – but if something appeals to me, I can save the outfit to my closet and then shop to find a similar combo.

XZ (Closet), capsule wardrobe, getting dressed

Okay, I’ve shown you a lot of screen shots and perhaps made it seem overwhelming…

it isn’t.

It starts with downloading the app to your iPhone or iPad, then selecting images of the clothes in your closet right now.  Be as detailed as including jewellery and accessories, or be lazy (like me) and stick to tops, bottoms and shoes.

After that, the outfits are created by the app and sent directly to your phone/iPad each day.

Like ’em – save ’em.  Don’t – don’t.

I’ve been using the XZ (Closet) app since May and I’ve been so impressed with all that it offers… again FOR FREE!  No subscription needed, cancel whenever you want, and no credit card needs to be input.

I’m sharing this now because it’s just about time to change over to Fall temperatures and perhaps add a piece or two to your closet.  While you’re at it, why not see what combos XZ (Closet) comes up with so that you have an abbreviated shopping list of just a few things to pair with all that is already in your closet unworn.

XZ (Closet), capsule wardrobe, getting dressed

Go Diva yourself up and have fun!

Have a great one!