Have you seen the Netflix series “Grace and Frankie” with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin?

Grace and Frankie

It is SO good!

This ‘older woman odd couple’ has Jane Fonda (Grace) as the uptight preppy and Lily Tomlin (Frankie) as the weed-smoking hippie.  The two are thrown together when their respective husbands come to terms with the fact that they are gay and in love with each other.

It’s about friendship and family and acceptance and denial – all in a plot that will have you smiling the whole way through.

One of my favourite parts of the show is seeing how the Grace and Frankie wardrobe designers have dressed Jane Fonda.

I can’t help it – I’m a closet preppy – and once you see her style, I think you’ll be one too.

I went shopping online and tried to put together some of my favourite Grace-Chic-Mom outfits.  The items are as close as I could find to what Grace (Jane Fonda) wears on the show – but I won’t profess that they are the real items from the wardrobe.

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I would never, ever, ever choose this bold print blouse out if I saw it in a store.  I would have thought it loud and garish – but the stylist creating the Grace and Frankie wardrobe nailed it on the head by dressing it up with a white blazer and dressing it down with a pair of jeans.  I would totally wear this!

Grace and Frankie wardrobe, Grace & Frankie, Jane Fonda's wardrobe, shop Grace & Frankie, shop the show, Grace & Frankie style

Do you have a closet full of white blouses?

I have a few and I never wear them because I’m a SAHM and the thought of ironing a blouse after just having worn it around the house kills me.

The above blouse is a soft pink and styled with jeans or a black velvet pant and left untucked (collars up preppy girls) is just beautiful.  Classic, simple and perfect for every day – worth the ironing I’d say.

Grace and Frankie wardrobe, Grace & Frankie, Jane Fonda's wardrobe, shop Grace & Frankie, shop the show, Grace & Frankie style

Look at this image – would you guess that Jane Fonda is 79?  Her character, Grace, is 73 I think, but the style says 40 to me.  Straight-leg jeans with a white cami, topped with a fringed blazer and sling-back pumps says fashionable, understated and confident.  I want this Grace and Frankie wardrobe!

Grace and Frankie wardrobe, Grace & Frankie, Jane Fonda's wardrobe, shop Grace & Frankie, shop the show, Grace & Frankie style

If you’re looking for a series to binge-watch and smile over – you really should head over to Netflix and scarf down the three seasons of Grace and Frankie. All of the cast are dressed impeccably and maybe another character’s wardrobe will speak to you.

Have a great one!

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  1. I, too, love the stylist who dressed Jane Fonda in Grace and Frankie. I am looking for the mother of pearl curved bar necklace, the lightweight, fringed pale camel shawl, the jeans and the striped fitted shirts. I’ve done exhaustive research on the internet and have had no luck. Should you find any of these items, please let me know.

    1. I found a necklace similar to the mother of pearl one she wore at keijewelry.com. The stripped blouse is Ralph Lauren and I found it at Saks. Hope that helps! Cathleen

    2. This comment thread has turned out to be a great resource for finding some of the pieces from Frankie & Grace. Check back every now and then and perhaps another reader will have magically come across one or two of the pieces that I wasn’t able to find.

  2. I’m fanatically mad about Jane Fonda’s style on the show but have no idea how to execute it!

    1. I have very little style sense, so I just copy her wardrobe pieces as exactly as I can (afford). lol It doesn’t hurt that she’s the fittest 79 year-old I’ve ever seen. lol

  3. jane wears a long drop bar necklace. Do you know where to find?

  4. does anyone know where to get her black bag that is shown in season 1 and 2? You can see it in season 1 episode 2&3.

    1. I know one bag is Chanel – I didn’t see the black back you are looking for there, but I’m sure it’s through a high-end designer. If you do find it – please share here – we’re all in the same boat; pining for the style. Lol

      1. The chanel bag she wears in the funeral episode is the 2.55 Reissue bag in the 225 size in distressed leather and ruthenium hardware. Current retail price us $5300.

  5. Do you guys know where to get her glasses she’s wearing in episode 2? they’re gorgeous

    1. They are gorgeous! I hadn’t noticed before. Glasses may be a more difficult search with so many frames looking very similar – I’d start with an online glasses company like Clearly.ca. They’ll carry a huge selection and you might get lucky.

  6. I just love Jane’s pale pink shirt…and does anyone know how she keeps those great collars stiff and upright all the time. Starch?

  7. I”m so glad I’m not the only one! I just got Netflix (cut the Comcast cord) and there hasn’t been a single outfit that Jane Fonda has worn that I don’t covet! Thanks to the people who posted!

    1. I wish I knew. That’s why I did this search. I want the black shirt with the white swallows and the one with the blue birds. Any luck?

    1. She has that necklace on again in season 4. Would love to find it. I’ve been searching since season 3.

    2. I also love the crescent shape silver necklace Jane has worn during previous season and have searched all over where to find it…no luck. Does anyone know where to find it??..

    3. I’m also searching for the crescent necklace along with the long (silver, I think) one with the circles she often wears.

    4. I believe I’ve found it. It’s by Alexis Bittar and it called the Gold-Capped Crescent pendant. I think she has it with the silver crescent. She’s also worn other Alexis Bittar necklaces on the show.

  8. Would like to know the designer of the tan v neckl sweater Jane Finda wore in season 3 – episode 13. She wore a white blouse under it.

  9. To get the super crisp blouse look, just send your blouse to the dry cleaner. Somehow it comes out so much crisper than ironing.

  10. Any ideas where the heather grey, probably cashmere, sweater set is from? Season 4 around episode 4 or 5, Grace is sitting on the couch. It looks so cozy! I need it in my life. Lol

  11. The black bag in season one is a Coach black bag if it is the one with two sides that come up and have silver and then two skinny straps. We are moving and renovating but I was jumping up and down when I saw her bag – just watched all the seasons. Definitely a Coach. The quilted one looks like a Chanel but don’t think it is – I have friends that have them and they have double flap at the top – I do love the quilted one she has – I think it is great that she clearly has money on show and hubbys were successful lawyers but she wear affordable Ralph Lauren bags and Coach! Looked up on internet – one of the black bags she uses a lot in season 1 is the Coach Madison Phoebe – I think it is mainly the Madison – hope this helps!!

  12. I’m looking for the light pink, pleated dress Jane wore to her lunch date with Phil. Looks like a Ralph Lauren style, but could not find it on line. Any ideas?

  13. I love the flowered shirt Jane Fonda wore in S4E11. Which designer created that shirt? I absolutely love it. Has anybody ever seen it in a store or catalog?

  14. I love the blazer Jane Fonda wore in Season 4 episode 5. it is a blush or very light pink color with palm leaves in black and a bit geometric. does any one know the designer?

  15. I love the long taupe cardigan that Jane wore at the beginning of S1E2, while sitting on the couch and talking to her daughter on the phone. Anyone know where to find it?

    1. I have one that’s very similar to the long taupe cardigan. I got it at Nordstrom. The brand is Halogen.

    1. I believe it’s from BCBG There is another episode she’s wearing the same sweater in navy with charcoal gray t-shirt and jeans. It is for sure BCBG

  16. I love this show….I also love the sunglasses “Grace” wears in all episodes. Anyone know what brand they are?

  17. What about the high neck t shirts she wears often on the show? Anyone know who makes those? Everything I see lately is low or scoop neck?CDS

  18. I am looking for the long gray sweater with cable stitching up the sleeves. A birthday present for my daughter!

    1. I own a long gray cashmere sweater that looks exactly like Jane’s. It is made by Autumn Cashmere.

  19. Just read the designer has Jane shirt custom made with vi gave fabrics. If you google the designer she talks about the clothes.

  20. Season 2, episode 11. Love Grace’s sunglasses she’s wearing as she shops at the shady liquor store. I can’t tell if the embellishment on the arms of the glasses are the brand name, or just embellishments. Anyone know? =)

  21. Does anyone know where the exact camel brown crossbody saddle bag is from? In this article a Michael kors one is suggested, but it is not the same. Any thoughts?

  22. I really love the necklace she wears with the light pink blouse and white cami –
    Where can I get it?

  23. Who makes the glasses Grace wears on season 4 brown or black and blue frames they are not Tiffany frames

  24. Anyone know where to get the blueish shawl jane wears on the beach with lisa kudrow looking for her cloths?
    I love it. She has worn it other times too.

  25. Looking for the bathrobe Grace wears in season 5 episode 4. My mom loves it! Anyone know where to look for it? Thank you! Xo

  26. I just finished watching season 5 and Jane has what looks like a blue sea glass crescent necklace. I am scouring the internet to find one like it. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

    1. That necklace jumped out to me too – it’s striking! Did you ever find it? Or anything like it?

  27. Just finished watching Season 5 Episode 6 and near the end Jane Fonda wears a poncho with a tan stripe. I would love to know where this piece is from?.

  28. Anyone know where I can get the little silver drop earrings she wears. I’m on season 4 and have seen her wear them many times.

  29. Anyone know where to get the pattern for her grey shawl collared sweater in season 5 last episode?

  30. Go to Mersea.com and you will see wraps, shawls and beautiful things.
    I buy blouses from Foxcroft and they have a lot of colors and styles to chose from.

  31. Where can I find the blush-colored dress (or was it a skirt and top) that Grace wore to Bud’s wedding?

  32. Hi I just discovered this show and I’m looking for the handbag in the bar scene that’s after the watermelon scene in season 2.

  33. What hand bag did Grace have in Season 2 episode 11 (after watermelon…she had it in the bar) ? Thanks

  34. I too love all the clothes Grace wears. I have been trying to find the sunglasses she wore in the episode “landline”. Does anyone know what kind they are?

  35. Only recently started watching the show on Netflix, love Graces style. I have been looking for the camel coloured silky blouse she wore but can’t get one anywhere. Any ideas?

    1. Alexis Bittar Gold Capped Crescent Pendant. She has it in a silver and also in blue.

  36. Does anyone know what Jane was wearing on season 6 episode 2 when she was having dinner with Nicks family? Beige/taupe pant suit, the sleeves had ties.

  37. I would like to know who makes the Season 6 blouse with birds on it the Grace (Jane F) is wearing!

  38. I have been trying to find out who makes the white blouse with the red sash/belt Grace wears in season 6 The Tank? Anyone know?