I’ve been ‘off’ on my posting lately – partially because my projects are bigger now and take a bit longer to complete.  Partially because I still have to maintain my day-to-day responsibilities (which I’ve posted in the past and you probably don’t want to see again) and partially because my days are filled with “moments” that don’t add up to an entire article.

But a collection of moments does!

I’ve shared these images on Instagram, but for those of you who haven’t seen them already – this is the zoo and these are the monkeys I am caged with:

We snuck away to Florida for March Break and spent some time at Nana & Papa’s place.  We did our yearly damage tradition and added some dish soap to the hot tub and turned on the jets…

2 - 1 (1)

Hubby, being a die-hard Leafs fan and Dad-of-the year – decided to kill two birds with one stone and let the girls paint his toenails while he watched the game.  Granted, it was more about keeping the girls quiet while he watched than being a doting Dad. The girls put on about 7 coats of nail polish – that he couldn’t get off (that sparkly stuff is tough if you aren’t used to it) and the poor guy was subjected to heckling in the locker room for two weeks. (More because he’s a Leafs fan than because of the pretty toes.)

having fun 8 - 1 (1)

I FINALLY got my family to get some family photos done and while the amazing Helen McMillan was able to get some gorgeous shots like these:

having fun 10 - 1 having fun 10 - 2 having fun 10 - 3 having fun 10 - 4

There were far more of these:

having fun 101 - 1

April Fool’s provided a lot of chuckles over here;  first with the green milk that found its way into my chai tea;

having fun - 1

The girls also replaced my bar of soap in the shower with a bar of butter…

having fun - 2

They filled the centre of my scrubbie with toothpaste,

having fun - 3

and they filled my now-empty toothpaste with milk.

I spent the day all lubed up and greasy – but with a minty fresh scent.

having fun - 4

The best part (for them) was sitting there watching me as I uncovered prank after prank.  They had me sniffing towels, slowly creaking open doors and drawers and smelling everything before I ate it – all the while giggling away at their own cunning.

Don’t worry – I didn’t let them off the hook either… looked what I packed them for lunch that day;

having fun - 5

While cleaning the carpets might not sound like fun, I get immense gratification from vacuum stripes.

having fun 2 - 1

Vacuum stripes topped with filthy evidence of my success is even better;

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Vacuum stripes, filthy water and a clear and obvious before and after and I’m giddy with joy!

having fun 2 - 3

So yes, I spent a day getting all the mud, salt and grunge out of our carpets.

It’s back already – but I can say it was clean for a brief and shining moment.

I’ve been trying to get Home Depot to let me host a DIYHer workshop at their store.  I’ve spoken with the manager and have even managed to pre-enlist several women that want to make this bench – but I haven’t heard back as to whether it will be a go-ahead or not.  Out of curiosity – if you are in London or surrounding, would you be interested in building your own bench (like this one?)  Maybe higher numbers will give me more pull.
having fun 3 - 1

You’ve seen the building projects of late, and while I’m having fun puttering away, my personal appearance has taken a turn towards “filthy animal”.

This seems to be my daily uniform;
having fun 3 - 2

and I’m trying to grow my hair to “a longer style of short” – but in this meantime it’s making me crazy – so I usually wear one of the girls’ headbands to keep it out of my face.

Which is fine in the garage, covered in sawdust.

It’s a bit more mortifying, to the girls and myself, when I forget that I’m wearing the silver tiara with the giant pink flower and I go and pick them up at school like this.

Yup, I totally called the office afterwards to assure them that I wasn’t completely insane, and that the girls were in fact safe to live with me.

having fun 4 - 1

Hubby’s been sick for the past couple of days and as our chief bread-winner and bread-preparer, it’s left me trying to come up with meals for the girls that do not come from a drive-through.  This week I introduced them to the sensation that is a “TV dinner”.  I told them that this is what people used to use in the ‘olden days’ when the wife wasn’t home to make dinner.  In this case, it’s what we’ll be eating when the wife IS home to make dinner.

They thought this was the greatest invention since brownies – and I’m pretty pleased that I managed to cover off three food groups (granted preservative-filled ones) in one meal AND not have to do any dishes!

Go Mom!
having fun 5 - 1

While my garage is still full of furniture pieces that I’ve completed and still have to complete, I’ve been eyeballing the Spring palette from Behr.  I even put out an IG shout out to see if they’d provide me with one of each colour and I’d create a different project for each one.

No response.

But pass it along – maybe numbers will talk again – and I know you totally want to see a “cactus flower” piece of furniture as much as I do.

having fun 6 - 1

I’ve roped the family into a few yoga sessions in the family room.

It’s not pretty – that is a lot of asses in the air – but they humour me and we all giggle through it.

Except Hubby – Hubby swears through it and even gave the woman on the video the bird when she lost count and made him hold a pose for longer than he liked – which of course made us laugh even more.

having fun 7 - 2

This last photo isn’t really anything to do with anything, but I thought it was funny, and so appropriate…

Not only do I live in a house full of crazy baboons, but my animals are animals as well!  This is Mr. Otis with his tongue sticking out – again.  He (quite often) forgets it’s hanging out of his mouth and walks around like he’s rabid or has a bad taste on the end of his tongue.

Normal in dogs, not so normal in cats.

having fun 8 - 1

Maybe he does have a bad taste?  Miss Lacey (our berner) has had to have her glands squeezed twice in the last month (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t google it – you don’t want to know).  Suffice it to say the cat occasionally grooms the dog and perhaps the taste wasn’t what he was used to?


This is my IRL.  (In Real Life)

and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Have a great one!

having fun 9 - 1