How to clean gas fireplace glass – it’s so easy you’ll kick yourself you didn’t do it sooner (I did lol)

Did you know you could (easily) clean the inside of the glass on your gas fireplace?
Neither did I!

We built our house in 2005 and the gas fireplace glass has never been cleaned.  

Not once.

how to clean gas fireplace glass

It was to the point that I even considered calling the gas company to see if there was a service for it. lol

Look at that silt on the sides!

how to clean gas fireplace glass


My fireplace glass was quite literally filthy!

how to clean gas fireplace glass


YouTube to the rescue!

In case you are like me, and prefer photos to videos that you have to stop and start – I put together this post for you.

How to clean gas fireplace glass

Step 1.   The top grate above your fireplace glass is hooked in place.  To remove it, simply lift the grate upwards and it will slide out of it’s bracket so you can take it off.

unhook the top grate by lifting it

You can see the little notch in the photo below where the hook was dropped in.

you can see where the hooks were latched into the bracket behind

Step 2     Pull the bottom grate towards you and you will find that it tips forward.  Don’t remove it, just tip it forward so you can access underneath your fireplace.

pull the bottom grate forward and it will tip outwards

how to clean gas fireplace glass

Step 3     Turn off the pilot light on your gas fireplace.  You’ll see a knob and the gas line that are very obvious.  Switch to “Off”.

turn the pilot light off of your gas fireplace and/or shut off the gas

turn the gas to your fireplace off

Step 4    You’ll see a latch underneath the fireplace glass – in my case it is the silver oval shape.

you'll see a latch underneath the fireplace glass

Behind it, you’ll find the release to the latch.  Pull it forward and unhook the oval from your fireplace glass.  Repeat on the other side (bottom).

pull the latch forward to unhook the fireplace glass

Step 5     Your glass will be warm to the touch, but shouldn’t be too hot; you can grab the sides of the frame and lift the glass off of its hooks.

how to clean gas fireplace glass

Because I didn’t turn off my pilot light (very dangerous, don’t follow my shitty example), I didn’t clean inside the fireplace box itself.

If your gas fireplace is cool and the pilot flame is off, you can remove the different decorative components and clean them.

Step 6     I used ENJO marble paste and an ENJO cloth to thoroughly scrub the silt off of my fireplace glass.  Alternatively, a clean, damp cloth with some Bar Keepers Friend (Amazon affiliate link) will also scrub thoroughly without scratching up your glass.

how to clean gas fireplace glass

Sixteen years of smoke and silt had accumulated because I didn’t know how to clean gas fireplace glass – and IT’S SO EASY!

Step 7.    Once your glass is clean and dry, lift it back into place and hook the top rail over the fireplace box.

how to clean gas fireplace glass

Step 8     Bring forward your oval clamps, hook the bottom edge of the fireplace glass, and then push the latch mechanisms back into place – the opposite of Step 4

Step 9.    Turn the gas back on, set the pilot light to the on position and press the button to re-ignite the flame.

Step 10     Flip the bottom grate back up into place and press until you hear a light click.

Step 11     Take the top grate and lower it back over the upper hooks on your fireplace box.  (Step 1 in reverse)

how to clean gas fireplace glass

That’s it – and unless your glass is considerably dirtier than mine – you will be done in less than 30 minutes!

There was a bit of moisture still on my fireplace glass after I reinstalled it, but I turned the fireplace on and it was gone in a matter of minutes.

how to clean gas fireplace glass

how to clean gas fireplace glass

I had no idea just how dirty my gas fireplace was until I saw it clean. 

how to clean gas fireplace glass

It’s really fantastic!

This is the time of year when fireplaces (finally) get put to use – so taking a few minutes this weekend (last weekend for me) really sets you up for a cozy and pretty winter room.

I hope this “how to clean gas fireplace glass” helps someone as much as the YouTube video did me.

Have a great one!