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Is it possible that our pipes are shrinking? That they are so full of hair and crud and gunk that anything that goes down the toilet now causes it to clog? There’s a whole host of things to avoid flushing down the toilet that might be the direct cause of any plumbing problems you’re experiencing; many of us are guilty of flushing the wrong things down the toilet but we should really educate ourselves on this for the good of our toilets and sewer lines. With that being said, if this is something that you are currently having to deal with at home, but still haven’t found the solution to unclog your drains, it may be time to give a professional drain-blocking expert to come and resolve the issue. Whether you’re from New York, Paris or even Essex (in the UK), with a bit of research, you’ll be able to find a company who can fulfil your requests, so you can finally have everything running smoothly in your home.

I don’t even want to think about what might or might not be wrong with my family’s bowels.

We have a plunger in every bathroom in our house – and they are used frequently and with fervour (before anything spills out of the bowl) and it’s exhausting and frustrating and (obviously) disgusting.

Marcus from Legendary Home Services contacted me a few weeks ago with an infographic he had developed to help homeowners unclog a toilet without the use of a plunger.

Sometimes I think my guardian angel works overtime.

How did he know this was an issue in my home?

Regardless, for those of you whose “Shitter is full” – check out these different options for

How to unclog a toilet.

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This helpful infographic won’t cure the problems that clog your toilet to begin with, but it will give you some options to try before calling a plumber. However, if your issues persist, you may be left with no choice but to get hold of a geelong plumber to rid you of your toilet problems.

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Thank you Legendary Home Services for sharing this.

Have a great one!

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