Not an obvious area for a makeover I know, but my floor registers have been bugging me for years.

They are the cheap builder’s grade vents (some plastic, a few metal) in what was once white – but have since yellowed with time and grime.

We have our dented and rusty metal floor register by the front door.How to makeover your floor register vents

Then we have beautiful plastic ones that have gone beige now with UV damage. Why would anyone install a white floor register vent in a dark hardwood floor? We love our flooring and the last thing we want is a big white blob on it! I was looking online at some flooring businesses to see how they’d overcome this issue. I found quite a few good examples of how to disguise the vent. Brisbane Flooring (, was just one of the businesses I found that could discreetly insert floor vents and I took inspiration from their gallery. Finally, I can get rid of it!

Better question – why haven’t I done something about it in the last 10 years?

How to makeover your floor register vents

In wandering through Home Depot, I have looked at, and pined for, the pretty detailed floor register vents in brushed nickel and bronzed finishes – you know with all of the intricate filigree that make them look like little pieces of art? LOVE those vents…

How to makeover your floor registers (vents) How to makeover your floor register vents but let’s keep perspective here, I’m probably the only one that would ever notice them and at $16-$25 per, it’s not really worth it when I want to do 5 or six.

I opted for an oil-rubbed bronze alternative – 5 vents for $10 with half a can left to do another 5 vents if I want. That’s a pretty good deal right?

First up, if your floor registers are the crappy plastic kind, you’ll need to remove the sliding panel that regulates the air flow. Carefully slip a flat-head screwdriver between the panel and the side of the register and gently flex it to pop it out from under the grooves.

How to makeover your floor register vents

You’ll want to wash your vents thoroughly with water; you want to remove as much dust, dirt, grime and/or rust as you can before painting. Let the floor register vents dry completely or you’ll get spots in your spray paint finish.

How to makeover your floor register vents

I did a few light coats of Rustoleum’s Oil Rubbed Bronze on the vents and the panels, letting them dry completely between coats.

How to makeover your floor register vents

Pop your sliding grate back into place and voila!

How to makeover your floor register vents

SOOOO much better!

And not nearly as obvious against the hardwood floors.

How to makeover your floor register vents

I don’t know why I waited so long to do this quick fix?

If this has you in the mood to floor register shop, you need to check out the new versions that are coordinated to floor tiles! They slip in and are flush to the flooring so you don’t even notice them! (slight envy here).

Porcelain vent cover Porcelain floor register

I know, priorities…

there are more than a few things I could spend $60 on than an individual floor register, which would also require me reflooring the house in order to get coordinating tile.

Give me another 10 years then maybe.

How to makeover your floor register vents

Have a great one!


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