Have you ever wanted to learn to knit, but didn’t want to sign up for a class?  Have you fumbled through YouTube videos pressing play-pause-play-pause-play…

Today I have a BRILLIANT infographic for you from Clippers Ireland.

Each day I receive a plethora of e-mails from people asking me to post their articles, images and/or infographics.  Most of them are great ideas and I’m grateful for the privilege – but not all of them necessarily ‘float my boat’, and so I assume that (as readers of this blog) they might not float yours either and I decline.

Yesterday I received an infographic from a company that sells clippers for shearing sheep, horses and cattle – okay, probably not a product I’ll use, but they also sell clippers for dogs- and as a previous owner of an old english sheepdog, I can definitely see the value in having your own set of quality clippers.

But I digress – the real reason I wanted to pick up this article was for the spectacular infographic on knitting:

Learn to Knit

*This is NOT a sponsored post – no monies have been exchanged and no products tested for me to verify quality or service.  This article/infographic was provided to me in exchange for a link to the business website.  I opted to use the infographic as an educational/informative resource for my readers.

If you want to learn to knit, this is a perfect image to work from! Now you can sit with your iPad/iPhone next to you and follow along step-by-step – or Pin it to your Pinterest board to refer to later on!

I love this – and now I might revisit an attempt to knit!

Thank you Tom and Clippers Ireland!

Have a great one!

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