Easy Macrame Ornaments – with video tutorials

easy macrame ornaments, macrame angel

You don’t have to know macrame, or have any special tools to make these easy macrame ornaments.  Great for homemade ornaments on your tree, or as gift toppers for those you are giving gifts to. I’ve been saving macrame ornaments on my Pinterest boards lately and some of the creators are just unbelievable.  I thought […]

Scrap Wood Christmas Trees

scrap wood Christmas trees, wood Christmas trees, wood trees, easy DIY trees

Amazing Amy and I got together the other week to work on some scrap wood Christmas trees we’d both been pining for since seeing them on Pinterest a year or two ago. I know, a year or two between concept and execution is more Hubby’s speed than mine, but hey, we did finally get around […]

Mother’s Day String Art

Mother's Day String Art

Just a quickie post today to give you something you (or Hubby) can work on with the kids this weekend; Mother’s Day String Art! I have a million-and-one scrap pieces of wood in the garage.  Too small to do much with, but too big to just throw away, so I thought I’d get the girls […]

Learn to Knit Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to learn to knit, but didn’t want to sign up for a class?  Have you fumbled through YouTube videos pressing play-pause-play-pause-play… Today I have a BRILLIANT infographic for you from Clippers Ireland. Each day I receive a plethora of e-mails from people asking me to post their articles, images and/or infographics. […]

Scrap Wood Chevron Art

I am always amazed at the talent and creativity of people I find online.  Pinterest is a fantastic source of course, but lately I’m all about Instagram – and let me show you one of the reasons why: Sambeedesigns is an IG feed that I follow because of the gorgeousness above, and because I thought “Hey, […]

Vintage Suitcase Bookends

Make your own vintage suitcase paperweights / bookends

We have friends that are builders in our area, and months ago now, they dropped off a box of granite samples for me to play with. There are about 36 granite bricks total in different sizes, so as much as I wanted to tile a table top or something, there weren’t enough and I wasn’t […]