electrical box, labelling your electrical box

Labelling your electrical panel

Labelling your electrical panel is important for 4 big reasons: 1. it’s an electrical code requirement  2. for safety.  3. to identify overloaded circuits and 4. to easily identify breakers for DIY or renovation projects We built our house in

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drawer organizers

A quick win with drawer organizers

Whether you build them or buy them, drawer organizers can actually save you money… and this set cost less than the dollar store! January is coming to an end, and with that my major push for organization… there are only

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cleaning your shower - -aftger

A DIYer’s trick for cleaning your shower

If you can shortcut on cleaning your shower, but still get a thorough and deep clean, you totally would right?  Well cleaning my shower is one of my least favourite tasks, so today I’m sharing a DIYer’s trick for cleaning

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Christmas tree storage, Christmas tree dolly

Christmas tree storage

Artificial Christmas trees are beautiful 2 months, then a pain to store for the other 10. Today I whipped up a Christmas tree storage dolly to minimize my tree’s footprint, while still making it easy to move. January – do

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running leaves through the WORX leaf mulcher

Best leaf mulcher

I’m not just titling this article “The best leaf mulcher” for SEO – this leaf mulcher has been voted the best in class by Bob Vila, Popular Mechanic, Old House Online – and I’m pretty sure anyone else that has

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