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Lawnmower Storage / Snowblower Storage

Have large equipment in your garage or shed that is taking up needed space?  This simple lawnmower storage stand / snowblower storage stand puts the out-of-season tool up and out of the way creating double storage on the same footprint!!

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Re-caulking your shower, how to caulk your shower

Re-caulking your shower

Did you know that you are “supposed” to re-caulk your shower/tub about every 5 years?  I’m not sure who set the rule and deadline – but if my shower was any indication, it seems an accurate timeline for this chore.

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desk organizer lazy susan

Desk organizer lazy susan

January always brings on the urge to de-clutter and organize.  This cute desk organizer lazy susan was the perfect start to getting my desk in order and it’s a simple build made entirely with scrap wood! Good morning my friends!

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single-use soap, handsoap, decorative soap, hand-crafted soap

Single-use soap

A great idea for minimizing contact amidst Covid, these pretty single-use soaps are decorative, smell wonderful and are so easy to make! Just popping in with a quick idea today – not even sure if I can stretch it out

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