Have you heard of LOMI?

In February of 2021 I came across a crowdfunding campaign for a product called “LOMI“. I was immediately enthralled – I mean, who doesn’t want a counter-sized appliance that will completely compost all of your food waste into a usable

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easiest way to clean silver

The easiest way to clean silver

Three kitchen items and 5 minutes of your time make this recipe the easiest, cheapest, and most thorough way to clean silver. This post came about because I wanted to try the ketchup brass cleaner on other metals. Yeah, it

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cleaning brass with ketchup

Can you clean brass with ketchup?

Have you ever wondered if ketchup can really clean brass?  Today we’re attempting to clean brass with ketchup, and how it compares to store-bought cleaners. Have you ever wondered if ketchup can really clean brass?  I’ve read dozens of articles

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freezer inventory, organizing the freezer

Organizing your freezer

Get ready for winter hibernating by organizing your freezer(s) and creating a freezer inventory list. Links to free printables below. This is a dumb post. Like dumb because everyone has to do it at some point, and I’m not really

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DIY blanket rack, double blanket rack

DIY Quilt rack – double hanging

A convenient and pretty way to store and display your blankets, this DIY quilt rack is made up of 3 rectangles of wood. Remember my simple blanket rack I shared with you about a month ago?  I love it and

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