I have been putting this makeover off for as long as I possibly could.

I mean I ADORE this mural:

Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 1

In case you don’t recognize it, it’s from the story “Guess How Much I Love You” – and we had it painted when Chloe was a baby.

Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 2

She was our ‘gentle bunny – and the mural was absolutely perfect.

As you can see below, Chloe isn’t interested in being a ‘gentle bunny’ anymore and the mural became a source of embarrassment. She felt it was too babyish and did all that she could to cover it. I guess every kid gets to a point in their life where they grow up. She’s still my baby though. If your kid is growing up and wants to decorate their room in a certain way (perhaps they love unicorns), then why don’t you embrace your inner unicorn with these bedroom ideas?

Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 3

I promised her that when she turned 8 I would give her room a makeover to whatever she wanted (no matter how much it broke my heart).

Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 4

The other week I went to work on a white bedroom for my baby. An off-white really, it has the slightest tinge of pink in it. (Behr Crystal Cut)

Instead of painting the trim out in a bright white, Chloe opted for coloured baseboards and frames – so we went with another pale pink. (Behr Vienna Lace)

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 1.05.56 PM

Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 5

She asked for something “girly, elegant and fun”.

We finally hung her rainbow light that her Aunt gave her (thank you Anne-Marie), and I love how the closet doors look.

Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 6

She found a cork board at HomeSense so we placed it where the large mural used to be (to avoid any more poster hanging on freshly painted walls).

Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 7

Chloe’s room is small – 11′ by 12′ – so as much as she wanted to get rid of the corner headboard, it had to stay for space sake. (I read somewhere that putting your bed on an angle increases the amount of usable space in a room).Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 8

I found this print at HomeSense for $6.99 – “Be YOU tiful” in the perfect coordinating colours.

Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 9

Chloe chose the curtains and bedding from Pottery Barn Kids and PBTeen.

Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 10

and I used the extra pillowcase to sew duvet covers for her dollhouse beds. The area rug in the centre is just a placemat. (Brilliant!)

Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 12

We still have some doll items out ‘on display’ and her dresser-bookshelf-toybox houses even more accessories. I love this dresser – still one of my favourite makeovers of all time.

Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 11

If you disregard the disarray, I’m not sure that the makeover is really any better than the ‘before’ room – but it is to my pre-tween.

Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 13 Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 14 Pre-Tween Girls bedroom 15

It was a lot of work, but she’s so happy and I guess I’ll get over the fact that she isn’t a baby anymore….


Have a great one!

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  1. I would have cried too! I bet she loves her room now thou. It looks gorgeous.

    P.S. My son and I loved that story too – I think me more than him. I even have a mug of that bunny for work. Lots of lovely memories.