Do you have a list of nagging projects?

Little things that need to get done, but you lack motivation to do, so they sit undone for months and months and possibly years?

I do.

For the most part I forget about them until I glance over and notice say…

Nagging projects - 1

that the satellite dishes that we attempted to use about 5 years ago (with very little success) are still hanging from the wall.  Not in use, not even functional – just hanging there because we’ve been too lazy to take them down.

Or that pile of scrap wood that was tucked away out of sight after a project, but was never actually put away.  Instead it’s become a pile of crap next to our tiny shed for no other reason than no one wanted to make the effort to clear it out.

Nagging projects - 2

Speaking of our tiny shed – he’s a little guy measuring about 4′ by 8′ and was purchased to house our kiddie pool, some patio furniture and pool toys.  Instead of reaching for toys from this mess, the kids (and Hubby) have decided it’s just easier to leave them all floating around the yard.

Nagging projects - 3

Sure one project leads to another – for instance, in cleaning out the wood and painting the basement windows I noticed mounds of cat shit in my window well.  Outside the window well are the dismembered wings of at least two birds.    EEW!

Nagging projects - 4

Wednesday was “Tackle-a-few-nagging-projects” day.

Shed was cleared out, washed down and refilled with at least twice the amount of stuff than was in it before.  Now we can fit the kids kayaks (which were leaning against the fence all summer) and even a patio table in with the pool gear and toys.

Nagging projects - 5

Satellite dishes came down (Hubby said I don’t need to fill those holes with caulking, but after binge-watching “Billy the Exterminator” with the girls, I’m skeptical).

Nagging projects - 6

Cat poop, bird bits and wood have all been removed and replaced with fresh cedar mulch.  My garden fencing was moved to the back so it’s no longer an eyesore from the basement window.

Nagging projects - 7

Final coat of paint on the basement window itself was done in the morning and I sent off all of the girls school artwork (from the last two years) to Staples to have them bound into books.

Storing kids artwork doesn’t have to be a headache.  I spent too much time worrying about how to keep everything neat and tidy, without spending a fortune on an organizing solution or taking hours scanning or photographing each piece.

Storing kids artwork, how to keep kids artwork, organizing kids artwork

The easiest, least expensive and not-at-all-time-consuming way for storing kids artwork is to simply line up the edges of each piece, take it to Staples and have them coil-bind the pile.  They’ll add a cover sheet (front and back) if you want and you can date it with the year.

I don’t know why I left this nagging project for so long – it was done in a matter of minutes (including the drive to Staples).

Hubby’s old barbecue was shipped off to a new home, and I even managed to get laundry done in between all of this.

Sure there are still a lot of ‘nagging projects’ to be done – like the photo albums I haven’t created since 2013 – but it does feel good to have a few checked off of my list.

I think this calls for a night off!

Have a great one!



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