Fall Decor – Scrap wood pumpkin

Scrap wood pumpkin, Fall decor, Autumn decor, white pumpkin, DIY pumpkin, wood pumpkin

Remember the other day when I was showing you my scrap wood crows? In the background you might have noticed another project I was plugging away at; a scrap wood pumpkin. I had a scrap piece of 2 x 6″ that was about 6″ long – so I traced out a pumpkin shape on it […]

DIY Decorative Trays

Tutorial - DIY decorative trays, hexagonal trays, nesting trays

I made these decorative trays last week in preparation for end-of-school Teacher gifts – the first two were made entirely from scrap wood, and were meant to be prototypes, but the girls loved them so much they decided to give both the crappy and good versions to their teachers. I was worried this project was […]

Hockey Storage from a Pallet

Hockey storage rack from a pallet

Looking for an easy, inexpensive but WOW gift for Father’s Day? One you can complete this week? One that will make his eyes light up? My friend Serena had planned to make a hockey storage rack for her hubs (brilliant!) We found this solid-faced pallet and she was done…. Clearly we are not as close of […]

Three Tier Stand – for Cupcakes, Collectibles or Toys

Three tier stand - easy DIY

If you’re looking to take your next party to the next level, then build a few of these easy three tier stands to showcase your goodies. Layer them with cupcakes or jars of candies and treats. Display your collectibles so that you can see all of them. In our case, Madison wanted to display her […]

18″ Doll Furniture – Easy DIY Table

18 Doll table - Easy DIY doll furniture (table)

Outfitting your child’s dolls with furniture, clothing and accessories can really break the bank. Particularly if they like the larger dolls – 18″ doll furniture can cost into the hundreds of dollars. BUT, if you are willing to try a little DIY, you can build most of the 18″ doll furniture yourself for an itsy-bitsy fraction of […]

DIY Birdhouse

$3 DIY Birdhouse

February is the harshest month in my neck of the woods.  Temperatures plummet, snow accumulates, the wind bites your skin and almost everything has a layer of ice on it. I’m Canadian, it’s par for the course up here and quite frankly I’d miss it if I were in a more temperate climate.  Snow and […]