Looking for an easy, inexpensive but WOW gift for Father’s Day?

One you can complete this week?

One that will make his eyes light up?

My friend Serena had planned to make a hockey storage rack for her hubs (brilliant!)

We found this solid-faced pallet and she was done….

Hockey storage rack from a pallet

Clearly we are not as close of friends as I thought we were.

Did she really not know that nothing escapes a coat of paint in my presence?

I decided her hockey storage pallet needed a wrister with a paint roller so I sanded it down like a grinder and got to work.
Hockey storage rack from a pallet

I used my Silhouette Cameo and some white adhesive vinyl to create the lettering for between the pipes.

I measured the hockey storage pallet and then divided the height by four – for the height of each row of letters, then divided the width (less 4.5″ on either side) by the number of letters in the word on that line to give me the size of each letter.

For example:  this hockey storage rack (aka pallet) was 34″ high, divided by four rows for the words gave me an approximate height of 7″ per letter.  (It actually gave me 8.5″, but I didn’t want the words right on top of each other, so I gave an 1.5″ space between each row.)

The width of the pallet was 42″ – less 4.5″ on each side, which gave me 33″ of space to fit each word.

For “EAT” that meant each letter could be 11.3″ wide (by 7″ tall).

“SLEEP” was 6.8″ wide per letter, “RINK” was 8.5″ per letter and “REPEAT” was 5.6″ per letter – again, all at 7″ tall.  I fit them onto a 12×12 piece of adhesive vinyl and then cut.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 9.30.01 PM

Following my hashmarks, I adhered the letters.

Hockey storage rack from a pallet

I added a coat of polyurethane over top to keep the letters from peeling off and to give a bit of weather-proofing since this hockey storage rack will be housed in a garage all year.

I had a couple of coat hooks hanging around in my garage so I attached them to the top shelf to hold hockey tape, gloves, brain buckets and/or breezers.

Hockey storage rack from a pallet

Hockey storage rack from a pallet

I walked it coast to coast and dropped it in the slot at Serena’s barn.

Hockey storage rack from a pallet

Light the lamp folks – it’s time to celly!

Hockey storage rack from a pallet

Total time:  2 hours

Total cost:  free!  (Well, almost free – everything I used to make this was leftover, hanging around and/or extra).

What do you think?  Think a Dad in your life could use a little sports storage rack?

No need for a gongshow in your garage – this hat trick of steps for your own hockey storage rack will keep equipment organized and tucked away and have Dad out of the sin bin and on Mom’s good side all year!

Happy Father’s Day!
Hockey storage rack from a pallet


Hockey Slang (aka. “How to Speak Canadian”)

Barn – hockey rink/arena

Between the Pipes – In the net.

Breezers – Hockey pants.

Brain Bucket – A helmet.

Celly – A celebration, usually done after scoring a goal

Coast to Coast – When a player carries the puck from his own net all the way to his opponent’s and scores.


Gongshow – A rough, intense game.

Grinder – A player who digs deep, hustles to make plays.Usually better known for checking and disruption rather than scoring ability. Like a lineman in football, he works hard but rarely gets recognized for his hard work.

Hash Marks – The lines coming out of the faceoff circles providing a guide to where players should be lined up.


Hat Trick – Scoring three goals in one game.


Light the Lamp – Score a goal so the siren flashes.

Sin Bin – The penalty box.


Top Shelf – To put a goal in the upper part of the net.


Wrister – A wrist shot.


Have a great one!


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