Easy vertical garden

Easy vertical garden, bucket garden, vertical gardening, DIY vertical garden

Limited on space? Have poor soil conditions? Perhaps you have limited mobility? This easy vertical garden is the perfect solution! GUYS!  I have missed you so much! You won’t believe how the last 6 weeks have gone over here. ‍♀️. I had a part-time job and was let go because there weren’t enough hours for […]

DIY Cold frame / DIY mini-greenhouse

DIY cold frame, DIY mini greenhouse, repurposed shower door

Repurpose old windows or shower doors to extentend your growing season with this simple DIY cold frame. When I told people I was going to build a cold frame, most of them asked “A what?” A cold frame is exactly what it sounds like: a transparent outdoor frame that protects plants from cold weather while […]

Spring Gardening – Patio and Yard Prep

Spring gardening and yard prep, preparing your yard in Spring, Spring patio prep, 10 ways to turn your backyard into a haven, 10 patio decorating tips, Spring lawn care, TruGreen

Do you have Spring fever? I’m terrible for it – every year I jump the gun and get the patio furniture out and garden planted far too soon (often losing new plantings to frost) – but the sunshine beckons and my heart happy-dances at the idea of using my favourite room in the entire house… […]

Long Weekend Plans…

How’s your long weekend so far? Have you been taking it easy and relaxing before what I call the ‘official’ start of Fall? Or have you been slaving away, trying to get all of those end-of-summer projects in before the cooler temperatures? I went with “labouring” in honour of Labour Day and managed to finish […]

DIY Garden Markers

DIY Garden Markers from paint sticks

Did you get planting over the long weekend? Did you get your planters styled and veggies dug in? Now all you need is something bright and cheerful to mark what’s where right? I gotcha! How about some (free) paint stick garden markers? Easy-peasy and bright and cheerful. First, steal obtain some paint sticks from your […]