How’s your long weekend so far?

Have you been taking it easy and relaxing before what I call the ‘official’ start of Fall?

Or have you been slaving away, trying to get all of those end-of-summer projects in before the cooler temperatures?

I went with “labouring” in honour of Labour Day and managed to finish up another scrabble wall for a client:

Scrabble wall, farmhouse gallery wall, farmhouse gallery, rustic gallery wall, gallery wall

Didn’t it turn out great?!  I’m so pleased, and I hope Tammy was as well.

long weekend

BTW, if you want your own farmhouse gallery wall, I’m taking orders now – just email me through the envelope link in the blog header, or create your own using these instructions:

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that we’ve put in a new patio extension this summer, and now that it’s complete, there is a garden that needs to be planted.

Long weekend plans 3 - 1

The circle the hot tub is sitting on is the extension that Hubby put in (didn’t he do an amazing job?!) and I had asked that he leave me a small garden space along the fence line to try and soften the look a bit.

All of the extra chips and dust had to be dug out and all of the river rock removed so I could put in soil and a few perennials.

Rock garden, walkway garden, border garden, fence garden

I only bought a few new plants – the black-eyed susans and a hydrangea (not in above), and the rest were split from other plants I had in the yard.  It might not look like much now, but with a bit of luck and a lot of fertilizer, hopefully this will be lush and glorious next summer.

Rock garden, walkway garden, border garden, fence garden

The other side of the walkway is still a work-in-progress:

Long weekend plans 4 - 1

Hubby and I pulled out the two sand cherry bushes, divided up the hostas and moved the rocks to the other bed (so I only have one incomplete and not two).

Shade garden, hosta garden, walkway garden

It’s not as full as it was with the bushes but again, come next summer, these should fill out beautifully.

Shade garden, walkway garden, hosta garden, border

I’m going for something between this:  (click images for sources)

Shade garden, hosta garden, privacy garden, pathway garden, border garden

and this:

Shade garden, hosta garden, privacy garden, pathway garden, border garden

I may need to build some kind of sound barrier by my air conditioner, and the last bed still needs rock – but it’s a lot further than when I started out Saturday morning.

Why am I destroying my back, knees and nails on the long weekend?

Because Tuesday is BACK TO SCHOOL – and I’m getting a mani-pedi right after drop off!

That’s the plan anyways…

but I don’t have an appointment…

which means I might not get in because all of you pre-planning Mom’s might have taken all of the available spots.

Damn it!  All that work when I could have been reading!

Have a great long weekend everyone – and Happy Fall!



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