Have you heard of LOMI?


In February of 2021 I came across a crowdfunding campaign for a product called “LOMI“. I was immediately enthralled – I mean, who doesn’t want a counter-sized appliance that will completely compost all of your food waste into a usable – and earth-friendly – addition to your soil. Unfortunately, the price was too high and […]

DIY Cold frame / DIY mini-greenhouse

DIY cold frame, DIY mini greenhouse, repurposed shower door

Repurpose old windows or shower doors to extentend your growing season with this simple DIY cold frame. When I told people I was going to build a cold frame, most of them asked “A what?” A cold frame is exactly what it sounds like: a transparent outdoor frame that protects plants from cold weather while […]

Laying sod over chips and dust

laying sod over chips and dust

Can you lay sod over chips and dust? I’m not going to say that I did this correctly, but as dumb luck (and a lot of rain) would have it – my lawn took without having to remove the gravel! If you have kids then you know (perhaps better than others) the transitional nature of […]

Spring Gardening – Patio and Yard Prep

Spring gardening and yard prep, preparing your yard in Spring, Spring patio prep, 10 ways to turn your backyard into a haven, 10 patio decorating tips, Spring lawn care, TruGreen

Do you have Spring fever? I’m terrible for it – every year I jump the gun and get the patio furniture out and garden planted far too soon (often losing new plantings to frost) – but the sunshine beckons and my heart happy-dances at the idea of using my favourite room in the entire house… […]

Long Weekend Plans…

How’s your long weekend so far? Have you been taking it easy and relaxing before what I call the ‘official’ start of Fall? Or have you been slaving away, trying to get all of those end-of-summer projects in before the cooler temperatures? I went with “labouring” in honour of Labour Day and managed to finish […]