Painted Shoes

Painted shoes, hand-painted shoes, custom painted shoes, fabric markers

Take your shoes from bland to BLAM! with a few fabric markers and a bit of imagination.  Check out the hand-painted shoes my tweens and I made. The girls and I were in Florida a couple of weeks ago when we came across these canvas shoes at Michael’s. I’m a lover of “Chucks” (Converse) and […]

Learning Pottery – A great family activity

learning pottery, beginner pottery, berry bowl, ceramic berry bowl, pottery

A few months ago I showed the results of my first-ever pottery class.  The finished pieces weren’t stellar, but they were SO MUCH FUN to make! I’ve been looking for an activity that the girls and I can do together.  Not me on the sidelines or in the crowd cheering – but an actual activity […]

Marbled Rock Paperweights – crafts for kids

Rock paperweights, paperweights, marbled rocks, painted rocks, crafts for kids, rock painting, kids crafts

The other day I posted the cork coasters that my daughter and her friend made (so cute), but I didn’t post what my other daughter – Miss Chloë – was up to at the same time… The project I did with her and her friends (aged 8, 9 and 11) was creating these beautiful marbled […]

Cork Coasters – Crafting with kids

Cork Coasters, DIY cork coasters, crafting with kids, kids crafts, coasters

I had some fun over the weekend and invited my “Muses” over to play. By Muses I mean the imagination-station team – consisting of my daughter and a few of her friends. I LOVE seeing what kids come up with when creating.  My mind is so pigeon-holed by Pinterest perfection that I don’t often branch […]

Cottage Crafts for Kids

Cottage crafts for kids, cottage crafts, crafts for kids, rock faces

‘Cottage’ to me, implies sitting by the beach, with a breeze in the air, flipping through magazines and/or reading a book with my tea (hot or cold) by my side. ‘Cottage’ to my kids means swimming and bodysurfing and yelling “Mom, mom, mom…” Time to find a middle ground I think. An easy and cute […]

How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

Duct tape wallet, duck tape wallet, duct tape crafts for kids, kids duck tape wallet

My friend Georgia stopped by the other day to show me a really cool duct tape wallet she’d purchased.  Okay, Georgia’s Mom is a closer friend (Georgia is 10), but I don’t want to discount any awesome friendships that lead to a knock on the door to show me an awesome craft. You know I […]

Mother’s Day String Art

Mother's Day String Art

Just a quickie post today to give you something you (or Hubby) can work on with the kids this weekend; Mother’s Day String Art! I have a million-and-one scrap pieces of wood in the garage.  Too small to do much with, but too big to just throw away, so I thought I’d get the girls […]