Just a quickie post today to give you something you (or Hubby) can work on with the kids this weekend;

Mother’s Day String Art!

I have a million-and-one scrap pieces of wood in the garage.  Too small to do much with, but too big to just throw away, so I thought I’d get the girls to create some string art for their Grandma/Nana for Mother’s Day.

This is a small 3″x4″ piece of mdf that I gave a light sanding to and added a coat of white paint to the surface.

Mother's Day String Art

I printed off some lettering on my Silhouette onto adhesive vinyl and let the girls stick the letters onto the blocks.

Mother's Day String Art - 2

From there they used some small finishing nails and a lightweight hammer and surrounded the heart.  For the best results, put a nail at each furthest point and then fill in the spaces evenly.  We did the top bumps of the heart, the centre dip, the bottom point and the furthest edges on the sides, then filled in the spaces so that all of the nails lined up (or almost lined up) on both sides.

Mother's Day String Art - 3

You can leave your heart in the centre, but we wanted the string art to be the focal point, so we removed the vinyl.

Tie the embroidery floss off on a nail and then zig-zag, up-zag, down-zag – whatever zags you want until your heart is filled in.

Mother's Day String Art - 4

Chloe opted for an easier version and just wrapped the floss around and around the outside of the heart.

Mother's Day String Art - 5

Tie off your end and you’re done!

Mother's Day String Art - 7

We only had one thumb bumped with a hammer (twice), but with a lightweight hammer there were no tears… just the kids version of swearing; “Shitoski chickens”.

Mother's Day String Art - 8

Cute, fun and something a bit more substantial that they can be proud to have made.

Mother's Day String Art

Have a great one!


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