Shelf Makeover

Shelf makeover, white shelf, desk shelf, shelf above desk

Just a quick pop-in today to show you a smaller refinishing project I managed to squeeze in last week. This shelf was another curb-find and it was in ROUGH shape: No big gouges, but it looks as though it was tucked away in some deep, dark basement for years and then I had it stuffed […]

15 Things to Know Before Painting Furniture

I’ve been refinishin/ painting furniture for over 3 years now, and each new piece brings a new learning experience.  Today I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve learned over the dozens of furniture makeovers I’ve done, in the hopes that it will save you some time and effort on your projects. Always, […]

DIY Decorative Trays

Tutorial - DIY decorative trays, hexagonal trays, nesting trays

I made these decorative trays last week in preparation for end-of-school Teacher gifts – the first two were made entirely from scrap wood, and were meant to be prototypes, but the girls loved them so much they decided to give both the crappy and good versions to their teachers. I was worried this project was […]

Resin paperweight

Dandelion paperweight, epoxy paperweight, resin dandelion, resin crafts

You’ve probably seen images on Pinterest of paperweights made from resin, with a tufted dandelion beautifully stretched out inside? If not, this is what a resin paperweight looks like:   There is a fantastic video online that shows how to make it as well: So, and since I had a bit of epoxy resin leftover from […]

Three Tier Stand – for Cupcakes, Collectibles or Toys

Three tier stand - easy DIY

If you’re looking to take your next party to the next level, then build a few of these easy three tier stands to showcase your goodies. Layer them with cupcakes or jars of candies and treats. Display your collectibles so that you can see all of them. In our case, Madison wanted to display her […]

Laser Tag Party

Laser Tag Party

Age 10, do you believe it? Miss Madison is now a “tween” with all the attitude and aspirations of a full-fledged teen. She has moved on from ponies to painting nails, from playing with her toys to asking Truth or Dare Questions. I know that it was bound to happen and it’s a good thing […]

Storage & Organizing Solutions for Kids Toys

Storage & organizing solutions for kids toys

I’ve mentioned before how much Miss Madison loves Littlest Pet Shop toys. Not the current ones that are easily available in stores and online, but the limited edition, not-in-production, impossible-to-find, pay-way-too-much-on-ebay and hope-for-luck-at-garage-sales kind. As much as I joke about these toys, I’m sure your child/children have their own collections of books or toys that […]