Age 10, do you believe it?

Miss Madison is now a “tween” with all the attitude and aspirations of a full-fledged teen. She has moved on from ponies to painting nails, from playing with her toys to asking Truth or Dare Questions. I know that it was bound to happen and it’s a good thing that she’s moving onto new things but my heart breaks at the thought of her taking yet another step out of my arms and into the world.

But if you’re going to take on the world (and have just binge-watched 6 seasons of The Walking Dead) then you know how important laser training is to her future; aim, dexterity, tracking, hunting, night vision…

okay, how about running, laughing and high pitched squeals?

Equally as important on this, her 10th birthday.

I will not profess to be a a graphic designer by any stretch of the imagination, but I did create a few printables with that you are more than welcome to use should your child be ready to battle zombies in Alexandria, or run around in the dark at a laser tag party.

Here’s an invite (2 per page) that you can edit in Picmonkey with your child’s name and age, or use a marker to input the laser tag party details.

Laser tag party invitation

click image for free printable

I don’t know if you’ve played laser tag similar to what you’d find at Laser Skirmish Brisbane, but it is a full workout. Guaranteed the kids will be sweating after just one game (and most laser tag parties are at least two games) – so you’ll need some sort of refreshment to refuel with.

Given that the idea of laser tag is a battle in space (that’s why the dark), I thought we needed some ‘tang-type’ packages – and Kool-Aid Jammers were perfect.

Laser tag party - drink box wrapper

click image for free printable

Laser tag party - drink box labels

Isn’t that hilarious?! They even look like drinks astronauts would have!

On the off-chance that the idea of jacking a herd of kids full of sugar doesn’t appeal to you, there are also printable bottle labels here:

Laser tag party - bottle wraps

click image for free printable

Laser tag party - bottle wraps

We had galaxy cookies for the classroom and as part of our goodie bags;

Laser tag party - sugar cookies

The uber-talented Christie’s Cookies made these for us, but there is an online tutorial here if you want to try yourself.

For our laser tag party treats/ goodie bags we also found a star laser projector light for a few bucks – one that will project either white stars or flashing red, blue and green stars in a darkened room. I couldn’t get a clear photo of the ceiling lit up – but trust me, it’s really cute!

Laser tag party - goodie bags

Hubby and I joined in the battle as well – and while the kids gave me grief – I think they secretly liked that I cheated by covering my sensor, using a few of them as human shields and grabbing their guns so they couldn’t shoot me. Even with all of that, I still came in 4th! Everyone had such a good time, and, afterwards, the kids were asking if they could get some BB guns to play with to recreate some of the fun. I spoke to my friend and she recommended Only BB Guns, who apparently say if you “Want a BB Gun you’ve come to the right place“… I was a little apprehensive as they are just kids so I didn’t bite the bullet (get it! sorry…) and get them one yet. But I might think about getting one for myself!

I need practice – you know, just in case the zombie apocalypse comes…

or in case Chloe wants a laser tag party for her birthday as well.

Laser Tag Party - printable

Have a great one!

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