Charcuterie roses made from cold cuts

charcuterie rose, meat rose, cold cut rose, deli meat rose, charcuterie

Entertaining, or just looking for a treat for two – take your grazing board up a notch and whip up these simple meat roses / charcuterie roses. Is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t like charcuterie?  Okay, yes, perhaps Vegans don’t, but their version of charcuterie would be called “crudités” and is just a […]

How to make hot cocoa bombs

Hot cocoa bombs, hot chocolate bombs

A decadent winter treat for your family, friends and neighbours, these hot cocoa bombs are easy to make and very inexpensive to give.  How to make your own hot chocolate bombs at home here.  I guess hot chocolate bombs are all the rage on Tik Tok. That’s where the girls found a video of one […]


I’m so excited to have come across this that I HAVE to share it with you! These women are AWESOME. This is Kristin and Jen and they are my best friends.  Like bestest best.  They do a YouTube show called #IMOMSOHARD They get me, they feel me, they hear me, they understand me and they […]

Cozi Family Calendar – the solution to extracurricular mayhem!

I want to start this by saying this is NOT a sponsored post. This is an app I came across in an effort to find a family-friendly calendar that can be accessed by everyone in our household, no matter where or on what machine (desktop and mobile) they were using. Do you have a constantly […]

Trunk Organizer – Double your storage space!

Trunk organizer, trunk organization, trunk shelf, SUV trunk, DIY trunk storage

Ever since I found this pin on Pinterest, I was dying to create my own trunk organizer. Click image or this link to be taken to original instructions. The instructions for this are great, and the materials are inexpensive enough – but this version just didn’t work for me – I wanted a trunk organizer that […]