I’m so excited to have come across this that I HAVE to share it with you!

These women are AWESOME.

This is Kristin and Jen and they are my best friends.  Like bestest best.  They do a YouTube show called #IMOMSOHARD

They get me, they feel me, they hear me, they understand me and they make me laugh – like #ILAUGHSOHARD.

(click any of the images to be taken to their site)


They sip wine (or bloody mary’s or mimosas) and talk about MY issues – Mom stuff (women stuff) like purses and beauty and fitness.


Yup, those faces sum it up.  That’s me and fitness – amen sisters!

Wanna commiserate over hemerroids – check out #IROIDSOHARD (Oh my god, her comment about her ass blowing bubble gum!)  Why men couldn’t have periods – and their faces when they know “the moment” has arrived – SO FUNNY!  (#ICYCLESOHARD) I’ve totally made that face!

I can’t even narrow down which video was my favourite, because I could relate to every single one!  There’s #ISPANXSOHARD which is probably their most popular, but I laughed the most at the #IBODYHAIRSOHARD – not for any relatable reasons (wink, wink).

Their videos run anywhere from 2 to 6 minutes long and I just watched them for 3 ½ hours.

THREE-AND-A-HALF hours – that’s roughly 40 #IMOMSOHARD videos.  Perhaps saying that I smiled and giggled away for 3 ½ hours is a better way to put it because I wouldn’t say I wasted any time at all.  Every minute was enjoyable, relatable, enviable and downright funny.


Click over – it’s Saturday morning and you deserve to start your weekend off on a high note, I promise not to judge (since I did it yesterday lol) And between you, me and Kristen – I didn’t know there were three holes until I had kids either. lol

Have a laugh and make it a great one!