A decadent winter treat for your family, friends and neighbours, these hot cocoa bombs are easy to make and very inexpensive to give.  How to make your own hot chocolate bombs at home here.

 I guess hot chocolate bombs are all the rage on Tik Tok. That’s where the girls found a video of one exploding and showed it to me…

and not too many things in this world sound better than an exploding ball of chocolate bathed in warm milk – so I had to give it a try.

Buy your mold.  These are silicone ones I found on Amazon and come two per package.  

silicone molds for hot chocolate bombs

Buy your chocolate.  I opted for Lindt chocolate bars because they were an “add-on item” that I qualified for after buying the molds.  Each bar was $1.97 Can and makes 2-3 hot cocoa bomb shells.  

ingredients for hot cocoa bombs

In a double-boiler set to low, stir your chocolate pieces until melted.  Part of the melting process is the friction from stirring, so don’t leave your chocolate to just melt or you’ll get hard/burnt bits.  (Guess how I know this?)

melting chocolate in a double boiler

Drop a small amount of chocolate into the bottom of each cup, and then spread it using the back of a tablespoon so that the sides are covered.  This will be a thin layer, but don’t worry, we’ll add more chocolate later.

hot cocoa bomb mold

Put your molds into the freezer and let harden completely.  This is also important because if they are still soft, adding the second layer of warm chocolate to them will melt them immediately (again, learned this the hard way).

I used 3 thin coatings of chocolate in each cup, thoroughly chilling in between.

These silicone molds make popping the cocoa bombs out so easy – just turn the silicone inside out (gently).  I was pleased and surprised at how smooth and shiny they were when they were popped out.

Hot cocoa bombs, hot chocolate bombs

The first batch of hot cocoa bombs were made with 3 thin layers of chocolate and then I tucked 10 mini-marshmallows into each sphere.  This will be chocolatey enough if you are having a small cup of cocoa – maybe per 1 cup of milk.

Set a small fry pan on the stove and heat it lightly then turn the burner off.  The pan shouldn’t burn to the touch, but just be warm enough to melt the chocolate.  Gently rub one side of the shell on the warm pan,

melting chocolate for hot cocoa bombs

fill that half with the mini-marshmallows, then lightly melt the second half of the sphere on the pan and press over the base.

Hot cocoa bombs, hot chocolate bombs

Hot cocoa bombs, hot chocolate bombs

You have to do these steps fairly quickly because the heat from your hands will also melt the chocolate and/or take away the shine from the shell.

Gloves help, but I was so nervous, I kicked out a fair amount of heat right through them.  You’ll see the damage I did in the second batch of hot chocolate bombs I tried…

I have a sweet tooth, and while these were good, they weren’t quite chocolatey enough for me in my big Rae Dunn mugs so I had to up my game to chocolate-ify a 2 cup serving of hot milk.

I followed all of the same steps EXCEPT at the filling stage I added 1 tsp of hot cocoa powder as well.

I did get greedy and tried to keep my marshmallow quantity high – but you’ll see below they just wouldn’t all fit.

Hot cocoa bombs, hot chocolate bombs

So then I was trying to cram the shells together and my hands got sweatier (inside the gloves) and the chocolate started melting…

Hot cocoa bombs, hot chocolate bombs


These aren’t so pretty.

I crushed up a few candy canes, slathered a bit of the melted chocolate over the shell and then dipped them in to try and hide my melted fingerprints.

Hiding the fingerprints was a bonus, the real goal was to give a light peppermint flavour to my cocoa – and it worked perfectly!

Hot cocoa bombs, hot chocolate bombs

I bagged up my little beauties (and less-than-beauties) and added a printable I found from MommaRDesigns on Etsy.

Sure you could make your own, but it’s the Holidays, and these are so adorable, please support small business.

Packaging is everything eh?  Can’t even see the tiny gap where the cocoa powder is leaking out. lol

Hot cocoa bombs, hot chocolate bombs

My first batch I packaged up with a separate candy cane to use as a stir stick (and just in case the recipient doesn’t want peppermint hot chocolate) and the second batch are going out with crushed peppermint on top.

Hot cocoa bombs, hot chocolate bombs

My hot chocolate bombs are sitting in the fridge ready for pre-Christmas delivery to friends and neighbours.

Hot cocoa bombs, hot chocolate bombs

If they last….

My trials of this recipe have lead to a small addiction to warm, creamy, rich, chocolatey-with-a-hint-of-mint drinks.

I’ve devoured about 4 of these already.

Hot cocoa bombs, hot chocolate bombs


Sooooo gooooood.

I heat up 2 cups of milk in the microwave (about 2 minutes) and then slowly pour it over the hot cocoa bomb and watch the goodness explode in the cup.

Like a decadent dessert in a cup!

To make life easier, I’ve put together the list of items I used here – however, some are much less expensive at the grocery store:  

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Have a great one!