Remember all of those cleaning tasks that you forgot? Yup, me neither. This printable “Year of Clean” list will help you keep track of those monthly/quarterly or yearly jobs that we often forget.

This isn’t your typical cleaning checklist – this is a list of items that don’t need to get done everyday, but do need to get done; changing the furnace filter for example.

But how do you keep track of when it was changed out last – especially if there is more than one person that might potentially change it?

This list (while not my original idea) is perfect for keeping track of all of those important, but less-thought-of tasks we need to get done each month/year.

I give you a “Year of clean“.

Year of clean, cleaning checklist, printable cleaning checklist

The idea is to print off the Year of Clean list and hang it on the fridge, or someplace conspicuous, to remind you what tasks need to be done and which have been done and when.

Year of clean, cleaning checklist

Hand-write in the numerical date of when you completed the job under the month you completed it in.

Year of clean, cleaning checklist, printable cleaning checklist

The Year of Clean list has a few extra lines at the bottom for any chores that you want to add into the mix – not that we need any more chores amIright?

I only just posted this to our fridge and already it has reminded me that I can’t remember the last time we checked our smoke alarm batteries, and if I’m being 100% honest here – I think it’s been years since I’ve moved my appliances to clean underneath.  (blech!)

There will be items on this cleaning checklist that don’t need to be done monthly (like purging medications), and there are other items that you might want to check off more than once-per-month (like washing the floors).  All the cleaning checklist is intended to do is be a reminder.

I really should add watering the plants to mine – I know it should be done more than once-per-month, but I think my plants would be thrilled if they actually got watered even that often. lol

Year of clean, cleaning checklist, printable cleaning checklist

I wish I could give the original genius credit – but their hand-printed “year of cleaning checklist” was just a photo on Pinterest – without any back-links anywhere.  Hopefully they will come across this and feel flattered that I think they are so brilliant that I had to have it designed to share.

Click any of the highlighted Year of Clean links in this post to be directed to the (free) printable pdf.

Have a great one!



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