To help you with your patio, beach, vacay and/or evening reading, I thought I’d compile a list of the latest, and soon-to-be-released “Must-read books of Summer 2016”.

I haven’t read a single one, some won’t even be out until August, but I did a bit of research and compiled the top 10 (eleven really) books that all of the sites seem to be recommending.  When I write “all of the sites”, I’m including heavy hitters like the Washington Post, Huffington Post, NY Times, PopSugar, Boston Globe and Publisher’s Weekly – so we’re not talking strictly ‘Authors’ Moms’ here.

The book that showed up on more sites than any other was Modern Lovers by Emma Straub (I’m including the write-up within the image for easy pinning (in case you want to save for later).  This book made the “must-read Summer 2016” list on 7 sites.

Must-read Books of Summer 2016 - Modern Lovers Emma Straub

Next up, making an appearance on 6 sites, is The Girls: A Novel by Emma Cline:

Must-read Books of Summer 2016 - The Girls Emma Cline

Third place, being recommended on 5 “Must-read Books of Summer 2016 lists”, is Imagine Me Gone by Adam Haslett:

Must-read Books of Summer 2016 - Imagine Me Gone Adam Haslett

Four sites are touting rave reviews for Homegoing: A novel by Yaa Gyasi:

Must-read Books of Summer 2016 - Homegoing Yaa Gyasi


Sweetbitter: A novel by Stephanie Danler was recommended on 4 sites as worth reading as well:Must-read Books of Summer 2016 - Sweeetbitter Stephanie Danler


Three sites recommended The Assistants by Camille Perri:Must-read Books of Summer 2016 - The Assistants Camille Perri

and Girls on Fire: A Novel by Robin Wasserman:Must-read Books of Summer 2016 - Girls on Fire Robin Wasserman

The remaining books showed up on two lists each – and while that’s not necessarily a stellar statistic, keep in mind that each site showed off at least 10 books – so to be praised repeatedly amongst approximately 100 titles is still a pretty good recommendation.

These must-read books of Summer 2016 include Not Working: A Novel by Lisa Owens:

Must-read Books of Summer 2016 - Not Working Lisa Owens

Losing It: A Novel by Emma Rathbone:

Must-read Books of Summer 2016 - Losing It Emma Rathbone

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley:

Must-read Books of Summer 2016 - Before The Fall Noah Hawley


and finally Santorini Sunsets: A Novel by Anita Hughes:

Must-read Books of Summer 2016 - Santorini Sunsets Anita Hughes

There you have it – my summer wish-list as determined by the recommendations of some of the world’s top literary critics.

I am SO looking forward to delving in and losing myself in a summer of intrigue, humour, suspense and romance…  oh, and a few good books too.

Must-read Books of Summer 2016


Have a great one!


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