This is a shortie post today.

A friend of mine showed me how to “stack” your Facebook feed so that you see posts from certain people first. She told me some facebook ad statistics and it made me realise how complex Facebook really is!

This comes in handy if you are trying to keep up with family postings, but don’t want to scroll through the news feed endlessly to see if anything is new.

It’s particularly handy if you are waiting for sales from your favourite shops, or want to get the latest news from your favourite news sources – without having to click over to each individual page.

It’s easy too – two clicks and you’re set!

First, go to the page you want to see news from, then click the arrow next to the word “Liked”

Facebook 1

Then simply check next to “See first”.

Facebook 2


Now, no matter how long between visits to Facebook, any posts put up by your “see first” people will be at the top of your feed.

Not that I don’t love scrolling through the coffee photos, inspirational sayings and cat gifs from each and every one of my 582 friends, but this streamlines things a bit so that I don’t have to spend 24 hours a day on Facebook to keep up with what I love most.

You can select up to 30 people or pages to “see first”, but they won’t be prioritized by which you checked first.

If you really want to see how chubby and/or bald your ex got after you broke up – click the see first (it doesn’t let them know you’ve selected them). Keep in mind however, that they might be doing the same thing to you.

Now you need to click over to Facebook and check off “see first” on my page so that you can get a shot of sunshine every time you open your feed! (please?)

You can see how chubby and balding I’m getting and it will make you feel better. lol

Have a great one!

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