Looking for team names that will have everyone laughing/smiling?  Look no further!  I’ve compiled a list of 100 Funny Team Names for any and every event imaginable.

Another story…

I’m fairly introverted.  I can certainly fake extroversion, but for the most part I’m happy at home with my girls.

My parents said something recently that hit me; “Shelly, you need to find something for YOU, or you’ll be lost when the girls go off to school”

It’s so true.  My entire life for the last 17 years has been about my girls – I even started this blog with 100 Things 2 Do This Summer as a checklist of activities we could do together.

What WILL I do without them?  I’m not sure I’m going to wear empty-nesting very well.

With that in mind, I mentioned to my friend Michele that I’d like to try Pickleball.  It was on her radar too, so we both signed up with the Forest City Sport and Social club for night league.

Guys!  It is SO MUCH FUN!!  I’ve never played tennis or badminton (outside of high school gym class).  I haven’t played ANYTHING AT ALL since an attempt at women’s soccer in my mid-thirties.  I was so nervous about trying something new with zero cardio-endurance, and degenerative everything (aging is a bitch)…  I’m hooked!

Alright, alright – who cares right?  Well, I bring it up to encourage you to try it – it’s slower than tennis with a much smaller court, but faster than badminton.  I have spent the last few Monday nights laughing, hollering, and jumping up and down with my friend Michele, excited for every amazing return we make.  I’ve gone home two out of the three nights having laughed myself to incontinence. 😂

You can’t go into a new sport, or league, or walk-a-thon, or team event without an awesome name right?

This is my list of 100 Funny Team Names that I created a few years ago:

printable list of 100 Funny team names

They’re great right?

I-B-Pro-Fun is pretty fitting.  Madams of Mayhem also fits our game style which is really just “hit and hope”. Run like the Winded certainly applies to me (Michele is infuriating in that she doesn’t break a sweat!) These funny team names can be used for any sport; Cleats and Cleavage would be great for baseball, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse etc.  One Hit Wonders would work for doubles tennis, cricket, softball, badminton etc.

If you have any team events coming up, and teammates with a sense of humour, grab this free printable 100 Funny Team Names and see if there’s something to fit your skill level (or lack thereof) lol

As for us?

Ladies from the 80's pickle ball team


Ladies from the 80’s doesn’t speak to our dates of birth, but does speak to our athletic peaks. 😂😂

I’m thinking Murder ball (dodgeball) Tuesday nights?  Team: Bad aim and no game?

I just might make it through the empty nest years after all.

Have a great one!