If you’ve followed the blog over the past few years, you will have seen this “100 Things 2 Do This Summer” list – but for those of you that are new, it’s worth repeating…

Three years ago I was faced with the challenge of staying home with my kids all summer long. My employer had retired and there was no benefit to seeking other employment at the beginning of summer when I’d just have to pay out daycare expenses.

But staying home with the kids!?

THAT was more intimidating than any management meeting, corporate deadline or presentation. I decided to tackle my summer with the primary goal of 1. keeping my children alive and 2. by creating buckets full of memories of their summer with their Mom – so I compiled a listing of ideas for us to complete.

100 ideas to be precise.

Which is where my blog name came from.

I give you (for free and easily printable from any computer) the 100 Things 2 Do This Summer checklist:

100 Things 2 Do This Summer - free printable checklist

Click the image for the entire 100T2D Summer pdf file.

The kids can check off or colour in the stars as you complete each item.

The best part? Most of these are free!

My girls are 8 and 10 now, and most of these items still hold the same appeal and excitement that they did when they were 5.

Plan out your day the evening before by letting the kids choose what they want to do – it will give you a game plan and give everyone something to look forward to.

100 Things 2 Do This Summer - free printable checklist

There are literally 100 things to do on this listing, so more than enough to see you from school’s out to school’s in, whether it be a sunny afternoon, cool evening or even a rainy day.

Click ‘print’, attach it to your fridge and see if the kids’ eyes don’t light up.

Have a great one!

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