Yup, it’s that time!

Time to get your 100 Things 2 Do Before the Holidays checklist and post it on your fridge to keep you ahead of the game this Holiday Season.

The goal of this list is not to make you feel overwhelmed or over-burdened – quite the opposite actually. It’s meant to help you space out those seasonal chores so that you can actually participate in Christmas, and not just facilitate it.

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How many of us get caught up with all the “should do’s” and miss out on the “want to do’s”.

I know I do.

Coming up with 100 Things 2 Do Before the Holidays was one of my easiest lists – and I’m sure I’m missing things as well.

I should clean the oven, set up the guest toiletries, organize a cookie exchange, buy gifts for everyone and their brother and then schedule fun activities for the kids….  it keeps going and going.

Those obligations that we put on ourselves to make sure that everyone we love has a wonderful Holiday.

But what if we could redistribute them over time (because if you’re like me, you’ll never drop them entirely)?  Do a bit here and there in the month leading up to Christmas so that we still have time to sit and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

That’s where 100 Things 2 Do Before the Holidays comes in; spacing out chores and activities to make the most of the season without burning yourself out in the process.

This is the same list as last year, just updated with new colours and design – so print it off, share it with friends, Pin it to your Pinterest boards, share it on Facebook and Instagram,

but for heaven’s sake, don’t try to do it all at once (or all by yourself).


Have a great one!

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2 Responses

  1. I’m going to try and use this – but could you make one that’s like a cheaper version for teens? Much appreciated.

    – Rose