Send friends and family inspired Christmas cards this year – like these brilliant Christmas ornament cards; intended to be hung as ornaments on your tree so you can decorate with everyone’s warm wishes.

I have to tell you a story; a couple/few weeks ago I posted a photo of my DIY Christmas tree stand to Instagram.  My thought process was that “it’s early, so people will have time to build their own prior to setting up their Christmas tree”.

Well, someone got pissed!  This person put a comment on my IG feed saying that I was way too early and that they were sick of all the commercialism when they hadn’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet.  They closed with “Unfollowing you” – which was clearly meant to insult or offend me.

Not one to take much lying down, I commented back “You could have unfollowed without the opinion, it still would have worked” and then the winky emoticon – sarcastic perhaps, but a relatively light rebuttal.

I figured that was the end of it.  No biggie, you can’t please everyone all the time and I’m trying to grow a thicker skin with these trolls.


To my amazement and glee – two other followers stepped up and severely (and repeatedly) reprimanded the Grinch with comments letting them know that I am Canadian, and we had our Thanksgiving back in early October.  That, as a maker, we have to make things early so that others can buy or be inspired by our projects and that they shouldn’t judge how or when someone chooses to decorate.

The debate went (and might still be going) back and forth on my feed – clearly cranky-pants didn’t unfollow after all – and I’m just sitting back in the cheap-seats grateful for positive and uplifting people who use their voice/keyboard in support of one another and not in judgement or condemnation.

This was just an image of a DIY Christmas tree base after all.

So what does this have to do with today’s post?

Not a lot, other than to forewarn you that if you aren’t planning on doing your Christmas cards until December 23rd – don’t follow me on Instagram ’cause bitches got my back’!  (written with the utmost respect and appreciation)

I worked with last year on some photo Christmas cards and coordinating gift wrap, and they approached me again this year to see if I’d be interested in partnering.

(This is a sponsored post.  I was provided with product from in exchange for writing a review.  As always, all opinions are sincere and my own.)

I was hesitant – we haven’t had family photos done this year and I didn’t know what other options were available – but once I surfed their site for about 10 milliseconds, I was IN!!

Christmas cards, Christmas card, ornament card,

This might be the most brilliant idea for Christmas cards in the history of EVER!


You can choose your die-cutting options and they come pre-punched and with ribbon so they are ready to hang as soon as your recipients get them!

To me Christmas is about family, friendship, tradition, warmth and love; the idea of having a tree covered with Christmas card ornaments of all the amazing people in my life would be SPECTACULAR!

That is a tree with meaning.

Christmas cards, Christmas card, ornament card,

I chose a few different Christmas ornament cards to showcase (these are also available with photo options which would be even better!).  Above is a vibrant red with gold foil embossing.  My photograph doesn’t really capture the sheen, but it’s so pretty as the lights reflect off of it.

You can change out the message on the front, and add a personalized Christmas message on the back on the back.

Christmas cards, Christmas card, ornament card,

I went with traditional colours and muted themes – not knowing the colour schemes of the recipients’ trees – but there are bright and bold options or classic and moody.

Did I mention you could put your family photo on these as well?

Christmas cards, Christmas card, ornament card,

I placed my Christmas ornament card order with last Friday and they arrived here Wednesday – so you have plenty of time to get your orders in and still make European mail out times. (*Generally, cards and gifts heading to Europe need to be in the mail before December 10th for your loved ones to receive them before the Holidays.  This is true for Canada Post anyways)

Christmas cards, Christmas card, ornament card,

Christmas cards, Christmas card, ornament card,

If you haven’t bought or made your Christmas cards yet, and you are planning on sending one to me, consider a photo Christmas ornament card – I’d love to see your smiling faces on my tree each day!

Okay, you get that I love the ornament cards, but also offers free addressing on your envelopes:

Christmas cards, Christmas card, ornament card,

You can choose from dozens of different envelope images and fonts and you can import addresses right from your contact list!  I don’t know about you, but I type faster than I write and after I’ve added a note to my Christmas cards and signed them, the hand-cramping is not conducive to writing clear and legible addresses on the envelopes. lol

Christmas cards, Christmas card, ornament card,

If I saw this in my mailbox, I’d be smiling even before I opened the envelope up.

I really think these ornament cards are such a great idea – they are made from thick cardstock, so they can be brought out year after year and you can watch as your friends’ families grow, or you can create a beautiful collage of image cards that are as beautiful (but perhaps more meaningful) than actual ornaments.

Christmas cards, Christmas card, ornament card,

If you haven’t already printed a copy, click over to see my 100 Things 2 Do Before Christmas checklist;  100 chores (and fun) spaced over the month of December to make Holiday prep easier and less frenzied.  You’ll be able to check off Christmas cards right now!

Now to prep for Valentine’s Day.

Just kidding – Groundhog Day comes first. (wink)

Have a great one!