This is a repeat/redundant post that I do every single year, and will continue to do until my girls are too old to enjoy surprise treats – our annual “You’ve Been Boo’d”.

If you haven’t seen my Boo’d I and Boo’d II posts, the idea is to package up a few pre-Hallowe’en goodies, along with the “You’ve Been Boo’d” poem then drop your gifts off at friends homes by ringing and running.

My girls LOVE the ring and run part – almost more than they love being Boo’d back. lol

This year we made simple scrapbook cones and filled them with a couple of full-sized chocolate bars and some small toys and stickers.  These treats should not break the bank, it’s just supposed to be an exciting surprise for the kids and to up the hype prior to Hallowe’en Eve.

You've been boo'd, Boo'd poem, Booing

We started the snowball by hitting two houses last week.  Those two houses are asked to hit two houses each and so on and so on.  You should be able to cover off your entire neighbourhood within a couple of weeks – so now’s a great time to get started.

You've been boo'd, Boo'd poem, Booing

Once your house has been hit, you post the “We’ve Been Boo’d” poster in your front window so little ghouls and goblins don’t strike twice and everyone gets a treat.

The kids have so much fun and for a few dollars and a few minutes of your time it’s more than worth it for the smiles on the kids faces.

You've been boo'd, Boo'd poem, Booing

Click either of the images for the pdf files so you can print your own “You’ve Been Boo’d” poems to start this on your street.

You've been boo'd, Boo'd poem, Booing


You've been Boo'd, Boo'd, Halloween Booing

Have a great one – and go get Boo’ing!!