Build your own trash and recycling centre

trash and recycling centre

With free building plans from Ana White, I was able (as a beginner) to build my own trash and recycling centre for my kitchen and create a bit of extra counter space at the same time! We are GREAT recyclers in our house!  (I’m so modest lol)  We don’t consume any more or any less […]

Why drink lemon water?

Glass of water with lemons

January is all about fresh starts;  cleaning, organizing, taking care of your body. While many of us have fallen off the treadmill already, the health benefits and simplicity of lemon water make it an easy resolution to keep. As we roll into the New Year with new goals and aspirations – attention seems to focus […]

Finding and printing your passwords

Password book

Are you overwhelmed with passwords?  Passwords for passwords?  Like you, I have so many that I’ve resorted to keeping a paper copy hidden away that I can refer back to.  Today I’m going to show you how to find your stored passwords and print them out so you don’t have to keep lists of scribbles […]

A DIYer’s trick for cleaning your shower

cleaning your shower - -aftger

If you can shortcut on cleaning your shower, but still get a thorough and deep clean, you totally would right?  Well cleaning my shower is one of my least favourite tasks, so today I’m sharing a DIYer’s trick for cleaning your shower. I don’t like cleaning my shower. In fact, it’s on my list of […]

Sharon’s table – refinishing outdoor furniture

patio side table before

As we move into the depths of Winter, now is a great time to sneak out to your garage (or kitchen floor if need be) and work on refinishing your outdoor furniture.  In 3 easy steps, you can upgrade your wood patio furniture back to new! This is Sharon’s patio side table. The wood is […]

Christmas tree storage

Christmas tree storage, Christmas tree dolly

Artificial Christmas trees are beautiful 2 months, then a pain to store for the other 10. Today I whipped up a Christmas tree storage dolly to minimize my tree’s footprint, while still making it easy to move. January – do you believe it?! Feels like 2 months of Christmas chaos lead up to this cliff […]