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DIY Above ground pool ladder / stairs

July 16th, 2017|BUILD IT|

I can look back on this DIY and laugh…


At the time it was a total shit show and entirely my fault.  I thought I could “build off the cuff” without plans or even a vision of what I wanted.

Don’t do that folks.  At least have a vision.

The problem I was trying to solve was that my derriere is too large for the manufacturer’s pool ladder that comes with the Intex pool.

Considerably larger.

Yes, I could have shimmied myself sideways through it […]

Antique revival to two-tone beauty


I love desks.

I’m not entirely sure why I love desks so much, but I think it has something to do with the idea of organization and compartments.

Could be because they are so easy to makeover but have such impact when you do.

Maybe it’s because there are a bazillion of them on Craig’s List and Kijiji, that you can’t help but get an ugly duckling for a steal.

Today’s desk makeover has to be one of my all-time favourite desk makeovers ever. […]

Make your own charcuterie board

July 12th, 2017|BUILD IT, DIY|

This post is what I would call serendipitous.

There were two bits of fate that aligned at the same time that insisted I make my own charcuterie board.

The first was that a FAVOURITE blogger of mine – Kelly Nan – showed a gorgeous patio tablescape the other day that included a scrumptious looking cheese board from Pottery Barn.

The second bit of fate was that it was about that same time that I came across a contest for Ryobi North where […]

Fun with colour – another painted chair


So remember I said that I purchased three wooden chairs last week?

Chair makeover, wood chair, painted chair, refinished chair, gold dip, desk chair

And do you remember that I only showed you these two so far?

Since I had nothing to lose and some Arborcoat solid stain left from my treehouse makeover, I decided to play with colour a bit and create a painted chair that was a bit more whimsical.

If […]

Backyard Playground Makeover

July 8th, 2017|DIY, KIDS|

If you’ve followed along, you will have seen a few posts now where I’ve done different projects for a playground makeover.

The goal of the entire endeavour was to get a few more years of use out of our backyard play set / treehouse…  I needed to “Tween it up” to make it cool enough for my girls to want to play in again.

I’ll go back to what we started with:
Backyard playground, playset, treehouse, upgrading [...]
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Finishing up the Playground – Outdoor Art

July 7th, 2017|CRAFTS, DECOR, DIY, KIDS|

Do you ever sit in your yard, front or back, and think “I wish I could add some colour”?

But the idea of painting your fence seems too daunting, permanent and possibly expensive?

My backyard playground updates included colour for the structure itself, but nothing for the fence for those exact reasons.

Outdoor art, outdoor decor, fence art, outdoor canvas, stencil art, playground upgrades

I didn’t want to commit to painting the entire fence and […]

DIY (Faux) Marble Coffee Table


I’m so excited to share this post with you!  My DIY marble coffee table turned out even better than I expected and I’ve been itching to show off how easy it is to make your own.

You see the before above.

Gross?  Yuppers.

Dirty, scratched, chipped, MDF – just about everything you don’t want in a coffee table.

But I liked the shape and the price tag of $1 was easy to live with success or fail, so I grabbed it and went to […]

Wood Chair Makeover


I have had so much fun on Maxsold.com lately – have you heard of it?

It’s an auction site that people use to downsize or for estate sales.  The items are posted on their website by location and then you can bid on anything you choose.

These chairs were an item I picked up the other week:

Chair makeover, wood chair, painted chair, refinished chair, gold dip, desk chair

The auction items are generally much […]

Make Your Planters New Again


My Mom had these lion head planters in her side yard.  They look like they’ve been repainted once, but weather and time have taken their toll and the rust has won out.

The problem with rust is, unless you get every molecule off it off of the metal, it will resurface fairly quickly and any paint job you attempt to do will be negated within a year.  That’s why metal makeovers are […]

Repurposed Plastic Jug


I trash-dove this morning.

Okay not really into the trash and I didn’t really “dive” – more like I snuck a plastic jug from my friend’s recycling.

After you see what I did with it, you’re going to go in search of recycling to pilfer as well.

I’ll start with the need, so you know where I’m coming from;

that is how my children store their goggles – thrown over the edge of the pool […]