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Ultimate Workbench – free building plans

I’ve built the ultimate workbench with room for both your table saw and mitre saw (as well as outfeed space) and plenty of storage and room to grow. Free building plans here.

My Ultimate workbench has been months in the making and will likely continue to evolve for months to come as my needs change.  That’s what’s great about these workbench building plans – I’ve created a perfect saw station complete with a recessed table saw section and outfield table, as […]

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Peekaboo Desk Makeover

It’s funny (not funny haha, but funny strange) that two of my favourite people on the planet are going through a divorce/separation at the same time I am.  It’s meant that I’ve had shoulder’s to cry on and hopefully I’ve given mine a bit in return.

My one friend was setting up her new home and realized that this desk just wasn’t going to make the cut.

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DIY Game Challenge – Simple Sliding Puzzle

Are you a Survivor fan?  We are, so today I’m putting together a simple sliding puzzle to challenge my kids to some good ole’ family fun.

Good Monday morning!

I’m excited today because I’m participating in the #DIYGameChallenge that Katie at Addicted 2 DIY is hosting.  Several DIY bloggers are coming together with ideas an inspiration for games you can make.

I’ve called dibs on Tag – kidding, we actually had to make something for the challenge, so I whipped together a […]

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New (to me) Dresser Makeover

Funny story;  I was out with my best friend the other day (my Dad) and as we were leaving the restaurant he reached into his pants pocket to check his phone.  He’d missed a call from his girlfriend and he was so frustrated because his phone had been in his pocket the whole night.

I checked the settings for him and not only did he have it on ring, but he had it on vibrate as well.

This folks is the definition […]

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Dog Valley Parkway

If you are familiar with Toronto at all, you will know the major expressway called the Don Valley Parkway. If you live in my neighbourhood, we have an equally chaotic path called the Dog Valley Barkway. Funny sign

I was laughing with a friend the other day; we were talking about me being single now and I commented that I actually had a boyfriend named Miguel – he’s very low maintenance except for the fact that he takes 2 AA batteries.

My […]

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Swarovski ornament trees

I revamped some after-Christmas bell trees into a pretty display for my favourite ornaments.

I’ve received a Swarovski ornament every year since I was about 20.  Not to give anything away, but that means I have 26 of these delicate crystal ornaments that mean so much to be because of the people who have given them.  In fact, I love these ornaments so much that I don’t put them away after Christmas and instead leave a display of them on my […]

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Portable Kitchen Island

Build your own portable kitchen island with these easy building plans (except the drawer, the drawer sucked, but the rest was easy lol). Portable prep station

I saw on of these portable kitchen islands / portable prep station at HomeSense awhile back and I was determined to see if I could make one myself.

Turns out you can, and a much better version as well, with a 3 ½” endgrain butcher block top no less!

Cut list:

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