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Quarantine Day 8

We arrived home from Florida last Saturday and are on Day 8 of our mandatory isolation period…

I thought I’d share today how well it’s going over here:

– spent 5 hours on the Internet; letting friends and family know we are home safe, surfing FB and IG, ordering groceries for delivery and other online “window shopping”
– showered, shaved, deep conditioned, pore refining mask then lathered myself in skin cream … not sure why since no one will see me, […]

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Keeping kids busy at home

20+ ideas for keeping kids busy while stuck at home – simple ideas to fill long days with fun, laughter and creativity!

*This post contains affiliate links.  I have tried to include Amazon options so that you can have items delivered versus hitting the dollar store – but that sometimes means that the supplies are a bit more expensive than your typical Dollarama.  For full Amazon affiliate disclosure, please see my sidebar and/or bottom of the page.

We are in Florida right […]

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Freestanding, Angled Bookcase – free building plans!

Build this Crate & Barrel “Strut Bookcase” knock-off for about $39 US (versus $799) with these free building plans for my freestanding, angled bookcase.

I’m happy today guys…

I was “nudged” back out to my She-Shop to get building again and after I (grudgingly) did, I felt inspired.

Frustrated with my errors (listed below), happy I could fix them, happy to have company to help and VERY happy with how this freestanding, angled bookcase turned out!

I started with this image I found on […]

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FREE Valentine word search printable

These free, printable word search Valentine’s can be printed from home (or a printer) and will only cost around $0.20 per in ink!  Even you 11th hour planners (like me) can look like a rockstar at the last minute.

[This article was originally posted in 2015]


I’m ahead of the game!

I’m almost NEVER ahead of the game.

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Valentine’s for Couples (in a DIY top hat container)

Repurpose a coffee or hot cocoa canister into an adorable top hat that you can fill with Christmas cookies, Easter treats or sexy Valentine’s gifts for couples.

Okay Dad, stop reading right here.

Seriously, you DON’T want to scroll any further….  (I know I’m 46 guys, but he’s still my Dad – I don’t want to give him a stroke!)

This post has been in the making since roughly November.

I wanted to show how to make a top hat out by repurposing a […]

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Why? My struggle with marketing.

This is a blog post I wrote in 2015 – so I’m not as thin and sexy (or even married) as I was back then…

who am I kidding – I’ve never been this thin and sexy (lol) but my conundrum/frustration is still valid – I think that marketing TO women is missing the mark.

(and yes – before you all rush to ask – I AM available for underwear modelling… with a mask and Doritos)

I have a bee in my bonnet.

I […]

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These are a few of my favourite things… Best buys 2019

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for some time, and with the Holidays right around the corner it seemed like a great opportunity to share a few of my favourite things… just in case you know someone that these might be good for.

As a blogger, I often get “samples” to test and review.  There have been times when I’ve had to refuse a review because the product itself just wasn’t up to my standards – and I don’t […]

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