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How to paint stairs – it’s not as hard as you think!

If I told you, you could makeover your staircase in less than 8 days and for $230, would you try it? Today I’m partnering with DAP® Canada to show you how to paint stairs and save thousands of dollars!

This article is a long time coming.

Like 10 months looooooong before coming.

Not because of the work – I was able to completely refinish my stairs in 8 days (including dry time) – but because I was intimidated.

Yes, big projects still intimidate […]

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Fall decorating in the family room

You don’t have to break the bank or spend hours on hours making your home Autumn-worthy. Just a few inexpensive touches is all you need to bring the Fall vibe home.

(Amazon affiliate links to the items I purchased are highlighted)

I know I’m not an interior decorator.  

Far from it – *those people (written with a jealous undertone) have a sense of balance, colour, spacing and texture that I just can’t seem to figure out the equation to.

But I aspire…

I want […]

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Navy bedroom set

Want to bring colour to your bedroom, but without making the walls feel “heavy”?  What about a navy bedroom set to bring sophistication and tradition together in a bold, but neutral palette?

It’s funny, but since I graduated cabinetmaking school, I’ve been inundated with requests to refinish furniture?

A couple of orders to make furniture, but the majority of my business of late has been in painting existing furniture.  I don’t mind, I LOVE painting, and a good before and after gives […]

DIY a collapsible paint booth

Looking for a painting solution that is inexpensive, simple to DIY, and easily put away when not in use? Learn to DIY a collapsible paint booth today!

I am so proud of this project guys!

It took some mental gymnastics to figure out how to make this DIY paint booth work for my space – I had a few criteria that had to be met;

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Using high heat paint to restore a fire pit

Has your bbq, wood stove, radiator or fireplace seen better days? Today I’m testing out using high heat paint to restore a fire pit.

Have you tried high heat paint?

It’s generally used to repaint an aging barbecue, clean up fire pits, wood burning stoves, radiators, or paint the inside of a wood burning fireplace.  The product specs on the High Heat Enamel from Rust-Oleum also indicates that you can use it on engines – but that’s going to depend on how […]

Dining table and chairs makeover

I have a new-ish refinishing “finish” for you to try… like this mennonite dining table and chairs makeover that went completely MATTE!

Happy weekend!

So something happened when I finished cabinet-making school…

Suddenly I received a rush of orders for refinishing projects?  Normally I’d say no, and focus on building projects, but a girl’s gotta eat right?

On top of that Michelle was my “big sister” in Kappa Alpha Theta – and you don’t say no to your big sister. lol

Besides, she had an […]

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How to refinish wood furniture

With this sideboard makeover, in a two-tone finish, it was a perfect time to review my “How to refinish wood furniture” tips, tricks, products and what-not-to-do’s for both painted and stained furniture.

Product list to the items I use regularly are lower in the post.  Amazon affiliate links

I have been building and refinishing furniture since 2013 – so almost 10 years now – and in that time I have come a LONG way.

While the process for refinishing wood furniture is fairly […]

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