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DIY Kitchen Island

Need a little extra storage space in your kitchen?

This DIY kitchen island/ kitchen console can provide extra seating space as well as storage and is a very simple build.

My friend needed a bit more workspace and a lot more storage in his small kitchen.  But, and like most of us, there just wasn’t space for a centre island – the only available space to add any storage to his kitchen was against the wall.

I started this build by looking for […]

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Hot Tub Makeover

Updating an old hot tub to a sleek new colour and more energy efficient functioning is as easy as a few DIY steps you can do in a weekend!  My hot tub makeover included new insulation, a thorough clean, new filter, waterproof stain and some decorative planters.

This project has been a bit of a comedy of errors;  I wanted to stain my hot tub, and I certainly needed to repair/rebuild the planters – but the hot tub makeover kept evolving […]

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Refinishing a curb find coffee table

For those that haven’t followed the blog for very long, today I’m recapping my process for refinishing a curb find coffee table.  Easy steps to follow and links to the products I use and recommend included.  It’s your one-stop-shop to take a curb find to fab-u-lous!

You’re not going to believe this…

I can’t believe this…

I forgot to take before photos!!!

Oh my gosh – I am the WORST blogger ever!

I did however take a time-lapse video of the sanding process, so you […]

Freestanding coat rack with shelves

You don’t need to have a fancy mudroom or a lot of space to keep kids’ gear organized and tidy for back-to-school…  this freestanding coat rack with shelves (I’m so excited about the shelves) offers a lot of storage on a very small footprint and the best part is you can build it really inexpensively with these free building plans!

Anyone else geek-out over back-to-school?

I got into my girls’ desks this morning and sharpened all of their pencil crayons and pencils […]

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How to make a mask storage pouch / mask storage wallet

Keep a mask on you at all times by folding this simple plastic sleeve to keep in your pocket, your purse, your car or your backpack.  A very simple, and inexpensive mask storage pouch / mask storage wallet.

*This post contains affiliate links.  For full Amazon affiliate disclosure, please see sidebar or the bottom of the page.

I’ve bought 18 reusable masks now – for the three of us – knowing that I need one each day for work, and the girls […]

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Best Computers for Online Learning

Feeling overwhelmed with the upheaval and uncertainty of our school systems during Covid-19?  I’ve put together the top 3 best computers for online learning that will fit the bill whether your child is back in a classroom or at home learning remotely.

It’s a new world isn’t it?

Not one I’m terribly fond of – masks and distancing and minimal socializing – but what can you do?  We have to go along to protect the ones we love, so there’s nothing to […]

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DIY Tall Planters

Add instant curb appeal with these simple and inexpensive DIY tall, tapered planters.

I’m getting old folks.

I’m not happy about it in the least, and this past month has really knocked me on my ass.

It started with my 12 year old asking if I was going bald because she saw a patch of white hair showing through one bed-head morning (I’m between colourings).  The next day I must have sneezed or something and I threw my back out for a couple […]

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