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Simple scrap wood armrest table

Nothing says love like a handmade gift.  This simple scrap wood armrest table takes almost no time to make, is beautiful and functional and costs next to nothing… except for the love you put into making it.

I’ve been thinking about the Holidays this year, and while my family is fortunate and I have been employed throughout this Covid mess, there are far too many that haven’t been and/or are not.

Which means that money is tight for most of us, but […]

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Don’t forget November/December birthdays! Give them a Birthday tree!

Do you have loved ones with the unfortunate luck of having a November or December birthday?  Where their special day gets lost in the chaos that is the Christmas Season?  Celebrate their special day by changing up your Holiday decor and giving them a Birthday tree!

We have a November baby in this house.

A late November baby….

and a Mom with very little self-control when it comes to all things Christmas, so it’s definitely a struggle to make her birthday celebration stand […]

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Rounded top lantern

A single board of rough pine, a light-weight saw and you have the only known DIY versions of these rounded top Christmas lanterns anywhere on Pinterest!

I’ve got another Holiday decor item for you today!

This one I’m pretty excited about because I haven’t seen any other DIY’s anywhere – so I think that I’m the “first to market” per se.

Well, except for the giant manufacturing company that came up with the original idea and sells their version of “my” rounded top […]

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How to make hot cocoa bombs

A decadent winter treat for your family, friends and neighbours, these hot cocoa bombs are easy to make and very inexpensive to give.  How to make your own hot chocolate bombs at home here.

 I guess hot chocolate bombs are all the rage on Tik Tok. That’s where the girls found a video of one exploding and showed it to me…

and not too many things in this world sound better than an exploding ball of chocolate bathed in warm milk – […]

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Winter window boxes

With a piece or two of floral foam, some medium gauge wire and greenery and pinecones from your yard (or a garden centre), you can decorate the front of your home with a Winter window box.

I spent a good portion of yesterday out in my garden; working on my winter window boxes.

I don’t usually decorate my window boxes, but Loblaws had a great deal on greenery (which is usually far too expensive for my budget), so I thought I’d give […]

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Make a lap desk by bending wood

Whether you’re dreaming of breakfast in bed, or need a surface for your WFH job, today I’m testing out how to make a lap desk by bending wood.  One board and a bit of care to your own DIY lap desk.

Does the idea of lounging in bed on a Sunday morning, toes tucked under the blankets, hot coffee/tea within reach and a good book or iPad at hand for a long and lazy morning sound appealing?

True, for most of us […]

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Christmas sled

It’s TIME!!

Time to get building for the Holidays and I’m starting my Holiday builds with this DIY Christmas sled.
Easy, inexpensive and a great beginner building project!

I know, there are tons of plans online for wooden sleds (decorative).  Heck, I used Fynes Designs sled plans to build this little cutie:

Fynes Designs Christmas sled

Which I love, but is not really mass-produceable.   There are several small cuts and notches that require a pretty […]

2020-11-11T11:34:59-05:00November 8th, 2020|BUILD IT, DIY, HOLIDAYS|0 Comments
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